Psychic Cheyanne: What to Expect During a Straightforward Reading

Clear Answers to Big Questions

Every psychic has a personal reading style, and every caller has a personal preference for how they want to receive the answers to their questions. If you need to hear the bare truth, with no frills, and no sugar coating, a straightforward psychic reading might be the best option for you. Psychic Cheyanne explains how a straightforward reading works, and why this style can help you get clear answers to big questions, so you can make tough decisions.

1)  What makes you a straightforward reader?

Messages simply come to me in a straightforward manner, so I deliver them that way, too. I feel my clients deserve only the truth about the information I’m given, rather than fluff. I don’t sugar coat, nor do I tell a caller just what they want to hear. It’s important for me to be true to my caller, but also to myself. My spirit guides sure do have a sense of humor at times, and at others, they’ve been known to reprimand me if I don’t relay a message when I’m supposed to. When I hesitate, they refuse to move forward with the reading until the message is delivered.

2)  What are the benefits of a straightforward reading?

By delivering messages in a straightforward manner, a caller can make better decisions about the information they get from a reading. If you need to figure out a tough situation, I believe it’s best to be straightforward, clear and concise. In this way, the most important information can come to the surface to help cut to the heart of your issue.

3)  Why would a caller prefer a straightforward reading?

A caller needs to hear the entire message. If I dance around a question or leave vital information out, I have then tainted the reading. The caller won’t have everything they need to begin making important decisions, and this is extremely detrimental to a healthy way of approaching their concern.

4)  How do you handle sensitive people during a straightforward reading?

I always tell my callers they are going to get the good, the bad, and the ugly. How I deliver that message is key. Each caller is different in their way of thinking, their emotional status, and their character. I need to tailor my messages with those factors in mind. I have cried with callers, and I have laughed with them, too.

5)  Can you be straightforward as well as compassionate?

Absolutely! It’s essential to have empathy and compassion, as well as inspiration when delivering messages in a straightforward manner. My goal is to empower my callers and also validate legitimate issues. I don’t have a set way of reading. I have my basic structure, but I never know what will end up coming forward in the reading. Each reading is a unique experience for both my caller as well as myself.

6)  How can your callers be more receptive and best prepare for a straightforward reading?  

Approach the call with an open mind. Don’t close yourself off to possibilities or information. As a psychic, I can never tell a caller what to do—only what I’m receiving. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual to make his or her own choices. Try to come to a reading with the idea that there are options you may not have thought of yet. They may not be what you want at the moment, but it’s so important to at least listen to what is coming through and to be receptive to the possibility of change. It can be such an awesome journey if you align with your highest life path and evolve old, outdated ways of thinking.

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