Payback-Time Predicted

There are times when callers don’t believe that anything good can happen to them. They get into a vicious cycle of negativity and won’t let go. They are so embittered by their lack of good fortune that even when a psychic sees positive things ahead for them, they may still end up manifesting more hard times for themselves. Refusing to accept that the good things they desire are coming their way is another form of free will, Psychic William ext. 5131 explains. “When I have clients like this, I try to keep them focused on lowering their resistance to a positive outcome.”

Cassandra (not her real name) called the straightforward Clairaudient and Clairsentient spouting intense anger over the man who had abandoned her unannounced. She had loaned him a large sum of money, and he had never paid his half of the rent on the house they had leased together, always promising he would reimburse her when his financial deals finally went through.

“Will I ever get any money back from Jonathan?” Cassandra asked, having calmed down a bit after revealing her story.

“Yes,” William responded in his typically direct manner. “It’s not going to be easy … he’s spending his money on someone else.”

“That’s true,” Cassandra admitted sounding even more enraged. “I’ve heard that.”

“He feels entitled to the money, because you had a relationship. He feels like he can give it back to you whenever he pleases. You’re going to have to get some legal help.”

“Legal help? I’m so broke. Jonathan left me with nothing. I was laid off for the summer, and I have huge dental bills and a car payment to make. I’m worried …”

“You’ll find an attorney to help you out. There are legal services… you just need to find them in your area,” William pointed out, moving her in the direction he knew Cassandra would have to take.

“If I get legal help, will he pay me? Will I have to go to court?”

“No. A letter will shock him. He’ll pay,” William assured her before their call ended.

William heard back from Cassandra within weeks. “William, you told me that if I got a lawyer, my ex would pay me back. Do you remember that?” she pressed the psychic for an answer.

“Yes,” William said a bit startled.

“Well, you were right!” Cassandra squealed.

“Oh, good, I thought you were going to yell at me,” he laughed.

“Jonathan is paying me back $1,100 a month for the next nine months — I’ll be able to make the rent. He was really upset that I took the legal route,” she reported, adding that her ex-boyfriend had asked for confidentiality. “I don’t have to keep quiet about this … I feel like humiliating him.”

“I know you feel resentment, but I think it’s important for you to let go of it,” William offered. “You have good things coming to you, and spiritually, you attract what you put out. He’s not getting away with anything.”

“Yes, but I’m still in debt. I need a better job, one that’s not a two-hour drive in bad weather, for a company that’s more stable,” Cassandra said listing all of the stresses in her life.

“You’ll have that soon — you’ll be making more money,” William counseled.

“That’s really hard to believe,” she responded.

“Are there any jobs or companies closer to home that interest you?” William inquired.

“There is one place … but I can’t seem to get an interview,” Cassandra said.

“That’s it. Someone will help you get hired,” William knew.

“Ok, William. I’m just going to trust you,” Cassandra answered, promising to think positively about the future.

Weeks later, Cassandra began her reading demanding to know, “William, do you remember that you told me I’d get that job in town?”

“Ah, yes,” William answered, once again wondering what his client was getting at.

“Well,” she said, changing her tone to excitement, “I got the job! Just like you said … I met a woman at church who works there. She offered to give them my resume. It’s part-time for now, but they promised to hire me full-time by fall.”

“Do you see that? Will it happen, or are they just stringing me along?” Cassandra queried.

“It will happen — you have the free will to make it work. If you continue on this path, I see you getting your finances back in control in the next six or seven months. Things are working out quickly for you,” he assured her.

“So, I will get a permanent full-time position?” she asked.

“Just stay focused,” he answered.

“Ok, William. I’ll have to trust you,” Cassandra sighed once again. And once again, William reports, his client called him back to say he was right.

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