Outgrowing Your Psychic

It’s great for callers, and psychics, too, when you find a relationship that really works! The energies, intuitive information and insights flow freely, your psychic knows your story and is eager for updates, and you’ve learned to trust their integrity, insights and accuracy.

And then one day you really need to talk and your psychic isn’t available.

Or you have an urgent career question, and the psychic who has worked with you for months on relationship issues just doesn’t feel like the right person to call. Or your ongoing discussions of the same subject are starting to feel a little stale.

Or you’re browsing Californiapsychics.com and you come across a blog post by a psychic that’s talking about just what’s troubling you … or you’ve been talking regularly to a “compassionate” psychic, and you feel much better every time, but you think you might need to talk at least once to a “straightforward” psychic, one who is more likely to give you a kind but no-nonsense reality check if you need it.

Perhaps you’ve been working for a while with someone who specializes in soul mates and healing relationships, but you’re beginning to think that you need to know more about yourself, your life path, and your emotional core in order to find balance in that relationship. Perhaps you’ve read a book or had an experience which radically shifts your world view and you notice a psychic whose bio clearly says they’ll “get” where you’re at now.

Or there’s good ol’ intuition … you hear a voice, see a photo, read a bio that resonates strongly. That’s your Guides or the Universe saying “look here.”

What do you do? You check out that other psychic!

Some of my regular callers who confess to having talked to another psychic sound like they feel a little guilty, and I reassure them right away. I know a lot of psychics who agree with me that it not only helps you, it helps us when you get other viewpoints.

Perhaps you usually talk to an Empath (psychic who reads emotions), but a friend told you about their astrology reading, and you want to try one. Go for it! An Astrologer tunes in to a whole different set of forces operating in your psyche and your life, and Astrologers are on the inside track when it comes to timing.

In fact, Astrologers, Numerologists, Clairvoyants, Empaths, Channels, Mediums – all of us Psychics, who are as different as snowflakes — all of us have different pieces of the puzzle, and each viewpoint can greatly expand your understanding of your options and possibilities. Also, we’re each different people with differing backgrounds and beliefs and life experiences and expectations, factors that usually both add depth to and also somewhat limit what we’re able to see and understand during readings.

Personally, if you want to share, I’m always interested hearing from my callers about other psychics’ insights. Usually we psychics tend to agree about the big picture and about outcomes, but another viewpoint, or some new insight they received, can trigger further insights for me, as mine may for others.

Also, most psychics will tell you right away if you have the kind of question which could be better answered by someone with a different specialty. Many of us are gifted generalists, but some California Psychics have highly developed specialized skills, like remote viewing for lost people and objects, or past life readings, or Mediums who can easily talk to the recently deceased. Some of us talk to Angels, some to Spirit Guides, yours or ours — some can have conversations with critters.

But whatever our skills, we are all here to help you, our caller. We’re here to support, inspire, and inform you as you travel through life, through the rough patches and the calm spots. And we’re also here to empower you to develop your own intuition, self confidence and self reliance! So trust your gut and your intuition. If it tells you to branch out – do it!

Have you often tried multiple Psychics? Has that worked for you? Tell us!

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