Old English Tarot: March 22 – 28

Old English Tarot: March 22-28 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

Life before electricity, cars, computers, and cell phones, ahh. Might be nice.

I love this deck because the pictures transport us back to exactly that scenario. And, so, now that spring is officially here, let’s wander through the medieval English countryside. The graceful figures in historical costumes, employing the wares of their times, paint such an intriguing and intricate tapestry.

The foliage is in bloom, the birds are chirping to each other about the sun. All seems better with the world. Even the frequent spring rainstorms seem to be followed by a blast of radiant sunshine right afterwards.

And, although, this week seems to contain some formidable challenges, the cards are saying the sun breaks through regularly.

Grab your umbrella, (just in case,) and ramble down the pathway with me now through the Old English Tarot by Maggie Kneen.

March 22 – Sunday

The Sun

Two young people cavort freely in a green meadow. They’re within a fenced garden and their carefree poses and faces show that they’re safe and relaxed. They’re enjoying a private conversation full of innuendo. There are topics only they can share. Laughter bubbles up freely as they make up their own dance.

The card is saying that if you take time to enjoy the company of a special person today, it will be far better than spending the time some other way. Put off the “should” for now, and do what feels fun!

This could be a romantic, friendly, or “other” category relationship! You will know who to invite and why. The card promises that.

March 23 – Monday

Queen of Batons (Wands)

Someone is in your corner today. She holds the wand of your aspirations, waiting to help you assert them. If a situation surrounding you is full of contention, seek out your fiery ally in the wings. She could be, literally, a native of Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, or have a fiery moon or ascendant! The Queen of Batons (Wands) is someone loyal, noble, and fair. She will come through for you.

March 24 – Tuesday

Seven of Batons (Wands)

Challenges and obstacles may surround you but you are going to win anyway, according to this card. Because it is in the suit of Batons, it relates to your life path goals or career. You may feel ill equipped to rise to the challenge but do so anyway. It is the card of the underdog. Despite strong odds you will win, so don’t hesitate to act!

March 25 – Wednesday

Two of Coins (Pentacles)

Indecision could plague you today. It’s hard to know which direction to go in an important situation because both choices seem equally bad and equally good.

Do whatever you do to maintain balance. Different things work for different people. If you maintain and continue on, one of the pathways you are considering will emerge as the best one. The sun will come out late in the day and illuminate everything for you.

March 26 – Thursday

The Hermit

It’s time to take a mid-week break. Do something you love! This card says you will gain spiritual insights by doing something fun and different. If it includes quiet and solitude, it’s even better. Get away from the crowds with a favorite person. Meditate and wander. It will end up making your day and clearing your mind.

March 27 – Friday

Ace of Coins (Pentacles)

As with all Aces, you score something big. It usually comes as a surprise and through something outside of the normal channels. Whatever abundance means to you, will be highlighted today. It could be in the form of goods or services, money, encouragement, health, love, or even time. Don’t overlook the possibility of just plain luck! It is in the energy today.

March 28 – Saturday


Justice smiles on you today. An unfair situation is breaking in your favor. A legal issue could resolve well for you. Unfairness in a relationship could end. Good karma from good past actions returns to you. Money someone owes you could arrive. Love you’ve earned will be returned. Kind actions will be returned, multiplied.

A Fun Spread to Try: The Pyramid Spread

This is a six card spread which is especially suited to questions about an issue which calls for emotional healing.

Shuffle the deck thoroughly and ask the Universe to give you the insight that you most need to have on the subject. Especially, ask that it will help you to help and heal someone else.

Place the cards face down on the table in front of you. While focusing, when you feel ready, draw six cards randomly from the deck.

Lay three cards out in a horizontal line, left to right, to form the base of the pyramid. Read left to right, these will be Cards 1, 2, and 3.

Place one card above card 1, this will be read as card 4. Place another card above card 3, this will be read as card 5.

Card 6 will be at the top point of the pyramid, and will represent the conclusion to the issue. It represents that point at which there is nothing more that you can do in the situation.

Card 1- What are the emotional or energetic blocks in the situation?

Card 2- What energies and factors in the situation are unknown to you?

Card 3- What hurts or worries you most about this situation?

Card 4- What could you do in the present to start healing and improve this situation?

Card 5- What could you do in the future to heal it even more?

Card 6- What will be the likely outcome after all efforts have been extended? What’s the least and the best result that you could expect?

Give yourself time to vent and unpack your feelings about the situation. Then, bathe yourself in a waterfall of gold light to close!

Well, I guess our amble through Merry Old England is through. This is where our pathway separates into past, present, and future.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our reach, backward and forward, through time as much as I have.

Thanks for joining me today! See you again.

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