Not in This Lifetime

There are times we go kicking and screaming into our days without our lost love, hoping to the heavens that they will return to us — even though we know that releasing that person may be the way to open ourselves up to someone new.

When it’s not meant to be, explains Kelli ext. 5130, people suffer much more than necessary by not allowing closure. “When love is over, you have to let go. Be kind to yourself. Put yourself at the top of the list of people you love and forgive and nurture. Allow the future to happen.”

This was the advice Clairvoyant and Empath Kelli gave Reese (not her real name), a caller who admitted that many psychics on our lines had given her exactly the same message after her four-year affair with a much younger college student had run its course. “Even her closest friends and her hairdresser had given her comparable advice, for free,” the psychic reveals. It had been a year since Reese and Liam (not his real name) had any contact at all. She had not seen or heard from him, but was so emotionally obsessed that she was still trying to contact him on Facebook.

“Liam still doesn’t have a girlfriend… ” the caller explained. “When will he come back? I feel a strong connection that I won’t deny. I know we’ll end up together — otherwise, why would I feel this way?” she insisted, demanding agreement.

But Kelli told her that she saw things differently. She understood that there was a 16-year age difference between the two of them. Liam had enjoyed her wisdom and knowingness and her vibrant sexuality, preferring Reese to any other dating option while he was in school. But afterwards, as he and his two best friends were in the process of creating a new division for a large law firm, his friends, now colleagues, had pushed her out. They were adamant that his old relationship did not work in their new social setting.

“He is in business with friends, and they don’t approve… they never did. But I know Liam still loves me… there’s this bond,” Reese protested.

Kelli agreed that the intense connection was there. “But he will marry a woman his own age, in time.”

“Age never mattered to him! I can still have his children.”

“Not in this lifetime,” Kelli told her, firmly. “He’s not ready for that now. You and Liam have had your day in the sun in this life. And now it’s over. In your next lifetime, you’ll be born closer together in time.”

“So we are soulmates! We are meant to be together …”

“And you’ve been together in the past,” Kelli explained. “Liam keeps a picture of you in his drawer at work. Your hair is up, and you have a big toothy grin. You were at a restaurant…”

“Yes, yes… I know that picture!” Reese replied. “It was taken in Chicago after a concert. So I was important to him. I really needed to know that. I called a few times, but he didn’t respond. I’ve needed to know that we were a real couple… we had a lot of happiness together.”

Kelli’s guides told her that Reese would always be the standard by which Liam judged the other women in his life. “You are the image behind his closed eyes as he sleeps,” she told her client. At that, Reese began to cry.

“You know, you won’t be alone,” Kelli reassured her. “Not if you don’t want to be. There’s someone… a date with a man near a bridge, and small boats.”

“Oh, we already had that date,” Reese told her, with some embarrassment.

“You’ll have a nice life with this man.”

“Really?” Reese perked up. “You know, I kind of really like him, but I feel a bit unfaithful, seeing him … I guess that’s pretty silly under the circumstances…”

“You have a lot to look forward to, if you can bring yourself to let go… ” Kelli pointed out.

“I guess my dance card is full — for the this life, and the next,” Reese laughed. ” I feel so relieved. Thanks, Kelli!”

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