Mystical Cats Tarot: September 6 – 12

Mystical Cats Tarot: September 6-12 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

How many times have you wondered what your cat is thinking? The Mystical Cats Tarot by Lunaea Weatherstone and artist Mickie Mueller is a glimpse into the perceptions and actions of cats as they interact with the world and each other beyond the gaze of humans.

They are experts at survival and, it seems, could give us all some advice right now from their tree top perch, from where the best philosophy seems to flow! They really look at things. I mean, really look, and decide when to stay or to pounce, based on their deep insights.

They have evolutionary lessons, just like we do! Based on which “clan” the cat belongs to, (Sea, Fire, Sky, or Earth), their temperaments and reactions are part of their unique journey through life. Let’s enter into the myths and fantasies of the feline world and see what we can learn about the week ahead.

September 6 – Sunday

Four of Fire (Wands)

The Fire Cats tell us today to make room for wonder, beauty, and adventure. Give more time to the daily rituals that bring richness and mystery to your life today. Maybe, take time to explore and create a new routine. Sources of inspiration deserve priority access in your life. If you nourish your soul, everything else will flow and fall into place from that.

September 7 – Monday

Nine of Sea (Cups)

Bask. Deep in the world of our dreams, we begin conscious creation of our realities. Invite a “waking dream” by taking time to goof off and celebrate whatever you’d like. The Universe has goodness and joy in store for you today. Without waking and sleeping dream-time, there is no channel for your wishes to come true. Sneak away for a mini-vacation, and revel!

September 8 – Tuesday

Three of Sky (Swords)

Side-step trivial dramas that are not worthy of your attention today.  They will only bring unhappiness entirely out of proportion to their worth. Let karma flow in its natural course if you have been hurt by the malicious mischief of others. Those who enjoy creating chaos to keep themselves entertained will get bored with doing so if you withdraw your attentiveness and your reaction.

September 9 – Wednesday


Control your impulses today if there is good reason to do so. Personal evolution depends on discipline and awareness. This card’s cat is allowing bluebirds to nestle in his fur. The birds feel the safety he provides amid a potentially precarious situation. Cultivate the ferocity and the tenderness of an evolved cat!

September 10 – Thursday

Five of Earth (Pentacles)

It is natural to feel sad and lonely when circumstances beyond your control place you outside the warmth and cheerfulness of the “inside”. Move beyond these feelings, because warmth and comfort are possible, but it will take some effort and attentiveness on your part to get there. Staying hypnotized by what you don’t have won’t help you attain something better. Take sound and practical steps to change your situation so that it more closely resembles your vision for yourself.

September 11 – Friday

Six of Earth (Pentacles)

Share what you have with those who have less, by doing so you will increase your bounty. Accept help graciously, because the giver is blessed and enlarged by their gift! Blessings will manifest for them, so no need to feel overly indebted.

If it is obvious, however, that a “price” is being exacted on the exchange, decide if it’s worth it. Something must be given freely, or not at all.

September 12 – Saturday

The Hermit

The Hermit loves solitude and climbs to the highest branches of her magical tree to contemplate the mysteries. The Hermit takes the “long view” of a situation. She has the detachment to calmly consider what she sees happening. Those who are consistently in the fray of activity cannot really do this, she knows.

Of course, too much solitude is as imbalanced as too much socializing! How will your perspective improve today by adjusting toward more balance in either direction? Reflection is necessary for wisdom, but so is interaction.

A Fun Spread to Try: The Five Tigers

Let’s say you draw the Lovers card while you are thinking about a special relationship. The Five Tigers spread is a view into the major ferocious energies operating in the situation. So, let’s examine what’s really going on between you and your lover.

Shuffle the cards thoroughly while visualizing your person of interest. When you are ready, lay them face-down on the table, and while continuing to concentrate, draw five cards from the deck, and place them top to bottom in a vertical row.

Card 1- What is increasing? Is it trust? Is it suspicion? Are you connecting as a couple to the larger community, to family, to friends, to the neighborhood? Or is there more seclusion, secrecy, and doubt in your interaction?

Card 2- What requires energy and action? Think about what you would like to see happen in this relationship. What is your vision for it? What small action could you take every day to make that more of a reality?

Card 3- What holds it together? What are the strong points of this relationship? What makes it worthwhile to get together? What positives do you share?

Card 4- What is getting smaller? What have you noticed less of in this relationship? Is it less nervousness, or is it less trust. Is it fewer complications, or are more problems cropping up?

Card 5- What is hidden? What is a truth about this relationship that you may not be seeing clearly?

And, most importantly of all, remember to be good to yourself and “think like a cat!” See you later.

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