Interpreting Your Dreams with Tarot

Interpreting Your Dreams with Tarot | California Psychics

A Symbolic Dream

Several weeks ago, I had a reading with a client who told me about a recurring dream. In the dream, she saw herself walking along a path through a dense set of woods until she reached the edge of a very peaceful lake. There was a bright moon to light her way, but other than that, it was dark, and she felt alone. But somehow, she explained, she wasn’t afraid. She knew that she was being guided and that eventually, even though she wasn’t sure what the final destination was, she would arrive where she was going safely. She then asked, “What does any of that mean?”

I replied that while dreams can be interpreted in different ways by different people, I felt that her dream had symbols that might be familiar to most Tarot readers. While the dream was uniquely hers, the image that she described was very similar to a card in the major arcana of the Tarot. You may be familiar with the card – it’s called the Fool.

The Tarot

The Fool is part of the Tarot deck called the major arcana. These 22 cards are deeply symbolic and, in many decks, are different from the minor arcana which is comprised of wands, swords, cups, and coins. In the traditional Rider-Waite deck, each and every card has an ornately drawn image that helps you to interpret the card’s meaning. In the deck that I use, however, the five of cups, for example, is just that – a picture of five cups stacked on top of each other. But a card taken from the major arcana is much more elaborate and filled with powerful symbolism.

The Fool

There are hundreds of Tarot decks in the world, and most of them differ in significant ways. But when you consider the major arcana, you realize that in almost every deck, the depiction of the Fool is pretty much the same. The Fool appears as a person on a journey. He or she walks along a path, approaching the edge of what appears to be a lake. The Fool carries all of his worldly possessions tied up in a cloth attached to a stick. There is a small dog that travels by his side. He walks by the light of the sun or moon. There is also the suggestion of a snake-like creature, or perhaps an alligator, coming in or out of the water at his feet.

The Fool, in a Tarot reading, represents a new beginning, an adventure, stepping onto a different path. Some clients recoil slightly at hearing that the card that rules their reading is the Fool – who wants to be called a fool? But the power of the Fool is that he doesn’t know. Her mind is open; she is ready to see what the world has to offer without preconceived ideas. In a relationship reading, this might mean the end of a relationship and the beginning of another; in a career reading, it usually means leaving a job and taking the chance on a new opportunity.

The Fool Upside Down

When the Fool is upside down, there is still the suggestion of movement, but perhaps my client is moving too hastily, or they haven’t weighed all the possibilities. I had a client who wanted to buy a friend’s car. He had the money, he needed a new car, and he knew that his friend was in a hurry to make the sale, but the Fool upside-down indicated that perhaps he wasn’t taking the time to look deeply enough at the situation. He waited and found out later from someone who bought the car that it needed a lot of work. The Fool upside down might tell us that it isn’t the right time to leave a job we dislike, but to do a bit more research about the market first.

Dreams and Tarot

I’ve taken the time here to describe the Fool in detail because it is a helpful example when considering how the Tarot and our dreams work. The Tarot, like our dreams, is a gateway to the subconscious and our divine wisdom. The language of the subconscious is symbolism. Dreams and the Tarot give us direction through the symbols on the cards. It is my job as a reader to know what those symbols mean and to decipher them in a way that is helpful to you so that you can understand the meaning.

Dream Interpretation

We may not always have a deck of Tarot cards by our side, (actually, I usually do!), but most of us do dream at night. We can learn by studying the Tarot or talking to psychics who use the Tarot as a tool, how to appreciate the symbolism in our dreams by studying the Tarot. Some other examples: the Knight, one of the Court cards in the minor arcana, suggests movement. I’ve had clients who have had things arrive to them on horses in a dream or envisioned themselves riding on a horse. These cards can suggest financial abundance on its way or new opportunities, as well.

One client dreamt that she was at a carnival on a Ferris wheel – a very Tarot Wheel of Fortune kind of dream, which suggested to me that things in her life were about to make a change for the better. In other readings, the symbolism isn’t quite that literal. They may be as simple as a small bird, a star, or a gate – all Tarot images. As we concentrate on and expand our knowledge of Tarot symbols and what they mean, our dreams become easier to interpret.

Record Your Dreams

I tell my clients, “The next time you have a significant dream, please remember to write it down!” Usually, when we wake up fresh from a dream, the symbols are the clearest in our minds. Observe if there is a symbolic pattern. While recognizing Tarot symbols quickly may take some practice, you will find that many of the images you see, you already respond to intuitively because the definitions make sense. In the major arcana card, the Star, a card I use to suggest hope, a woman pours water on a garden and a flower begins to grow. A client tells me a story about a dream where she finds herself pulling weeds in a garden and planting seeds. I can see, through interpreting her dream, that with faith, the dream she has about one day finding a relationship will soon come true.

A Dream Interpretation Tarot Spread

If you you wake up in the night or early morning from a dream you don’t understand, a Tarot card spread may help clear the air. This particular six-card spread will help you determine the meaning behind the dream, if your spirit guide has a message for you, if there are specific themes at play in your dream, and other details that will help you find the answers you need. Watch the video below for the Tarot spread and it’s meaning.

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