First Impressions for Psychics

It’s often said that you only get one chance to make a first impression, but it also works in reverse: You only get one chance to receive a first impression from someone else. Whether it’s a face-to-face encounter, a telephone voice, an e-mail or a handwritten letter, whether you pay attention or ignore it, you always get that instant, initial sense of what another person is about. For psychics, receiving first impressions is far more complicated. To get to the bottom of this, we posed this question to our team of experts: How do first impressions work for psychics?

Worried that a psychic might learn a little too much in a casual encounter? For Psychic Kelli ext. 5130, it’s all about respect and trust:

First impressions happen for me from across the room. A room filled with people looks like a rainbow of light from the auras. I always look for the best in people, and I find it, even if they keep it hidden so deeply no one else can find it. I respect people’s privacy. I am not a “Psychic Peeping Tom.” I don’t intrude. My guide protects me from anyone who would be dangerous to me. The atmosphere of trust and consent during a reading is ever-present with me, so people always find a way to connect with me. Our souls always recognize each other. Our first impression is the lighting of a new flame: the relationship.

Psychic Yemaya ext. 5143 describes how first impressions are so strong that it’s important for psychics to protect themselves in public:

It can be as light as a hint of their aura showing, or as heavy as a handshake that causes me to flinch. It is in their eyes, their smell and their manner of speech: Each of these factors registers minute pieces of information in my mind, as if I am seeing or feeling past or future energies that will happen to or around these individuals. In rare cases, I may walk past someone on the street and feel such negativity coming off of them that I feel ill. We psychics must take special care in shielding ourselves whenever we’re in public for just that reason. On the phone, we are usually in very safe and sacred spots, so we can be vulnerable and truly “see” the energies of those around you to the deepest detail.

For Psychic Julia ext. 9131, the immediacy of a first impression gives it more power:

For psychics, first impressions work much the same way they do for most sensitive or intuitive people. In his book Blink, Malcolm Gladwell cites many studies to show that people actually make better decisions in the blink of an eye than with more time and more information. The feel, the tone and the vibrations coming from a person emit a lot of information, which we psychics pick up and decipher, usually very quickly. I am constantly amazed at how much information I can give to a person in the space of ten minutes with a focused client.

Psychic Alison ext. 9885 stresses the importance of remembering and trusting the first impressions we receive from others:

The first impression always gives me a flood of information about the person, and it never steers me wrong. I have noticed that people who are not even psychic will tune in within 60 seconds and have already summed up what they think that person is all about. A little bit later, they might doubt their decision. Later in the game, they will say, “Well, that’s what I thought in the first place.” Everything is energy, and everybody’s able to feel it, but a lot of people don’t understand why. I always recommend going with your gut feeling and sticking to it.

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  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    All 5 of my Guides start talking as soon as I hear the caller’s voice and name…I’m flooded with info all 3 ways…..clairvoyantly, clairaudiantly, and empathically…..I then immediately ” pitch ” my energy to match theirs.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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