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Doing psychic readings, I have discovered that two things make the world go round: Love and money! (They at least give it a good hard shove in order to get it going!) When we want love, we look for a mate. When we want money, we look for a job. In the past, we did this by looking in the newspaper classifieds… of course, things have changed a lot. Nowadays, jobs are found not only in the classifieds (which often seem to yield slim pickings) but on the Internet. Jobs are still posted the old-fashioned way, in store windows; or there is the “headhunter” employment agency route that can be taken.

However, there are other ways of finding a job that exist that many people sometimes don’t know about. Right now, in this tight job market, knowing all of the ways to get work will put you head and shoulders over the other guy!

One lady I talked to was frantically looking for employment, and found it through her hairdresser. No, the lady didn’t become a hairdresser. Her own hairdresser had another client who worked for a large company that was hiring, but had yet to put any ads up! This company was also very big on hiring people who knew people – they preferred to hire someone that they even indirectly had some knowledge of. So the lady got a nice job courtesy of someone her hairdresser knew.

Another person I did a reading for asked where he could find a job – he’d been laid off from his old one. I told him to talk to his dentist – I’m not kidding. That’s what I got very strongly. The man called me back a week later to say that he had talked to his dentist who had a patient who was hiring in the man’s line of work! Pretty bizarre, but true.

Some people who call for job search readings are disappointed that I cannot always give them a specific company name where they should apply. This is tough. But what I can tell them is usually a description of the company, how big the company is, and approximately where it is located. Sometimes, though, what I see is “Talk to your dentist!”

Another method that one lady swore worked for her was looking in the Yellow Pages. She looked in the phone book at different companies and decided who she might like to work for. She then would send out resumes and maintained that if she sent out thirty she would get a job!

Whether it’s talking to people you know, calling a psychic for a description of the next place you will work, or “letting your fingers do the walking,” there are many different ways to find a job. And these are just some of them.

Do you know of others?

3 thoughts on “Find a Job With Psychic Aid

  1. Kristin Raymond

    My name is Krissy. I have been trying to find out how to fill out an app. to be a reader for your company. But I have had no luck. I would greatly appreciate if you could contact me in regards to this.

  2. maryannex9146maryannex9146

    Hi, Tansy,

    Great article and extremely timely.

    I agree with speaking to everyone-hairdresser, dentist, next door neighbor’s grown daughter who is visiting-and I’d like to add to remember to speak to with these contacts in a conversational tone-interested, serious, but relaxed. I have worked with some clients who are, understandably, under quite a bit of pressure regarding finding a job. Of course, there is pressure to find a job in this global economy. However, it is important to remember not to sound what we are feeling-in a hurry to find a job NOW, rushed, desparate, come on, today, today, today! Unfortunately, while we certainly have the natural right to feel that way while attempting to find a job, sounding desparate and in a hurry is off-putting to those hearing us and won’t inspire them to mention us to potential employers. I know, I know, I get in a hurry too about things, but I recognize it doesn’t make my behavior the most attractive nor does it put my best foot forward.

    Another tactic I used professionally for job seekers, especially those who were attempting to change fields without much expierence or were entering the job market for the first time or after an absence closely resembles the “Yellow Pages” tactic you mentioned. I used to have clients not only look at not only the type of job they want, the employers that provide that type of work, the location of the employer/work that is doable and practical for them, but also have them cold-call the employers. Eeek! What did she just say! Cold calling is frightening but extremely effective. I would suggest upping the number of resumes from 30 to 60 and enjoying your new job!


  3. Jacqueline

    Hi Tansy,
    Great ideas, I love to help people look for there great new job, many times I have looked at there resume and seen where it needs to be updated or that they may be missing some information.

    In this economy every idea counts,

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472


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