Dreaming Way Le Normand Tarot: July 14 – 20

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For this week’s reading we return to the Le Normand Divination cards blended with Dreaming Way style and interpretation. This Tarot deck is created by writer and Diviner Lynn Araujo. She is joined by Kwon Shina, the illustrator for the Dreaming Way deck we explored last week. I think it is brilliant how these two women have made a beautiful hybrid of the two.

This petite deck of cards is colorful and playful. The fairy-tale imagery is delightful. It evokes complex, multi-layered interpretations that strike home on several levels at a time. Grab your teacup, and let’s walk through the week using the Dreaming Way Le Normand as our guide.

July 14 – Sunday


“Not what we have, but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.”  -Epicurus

Today’s card reminds us that too much of a good thing can be harmful.  We visualize and pray for abundance, but just as too much rain can cause a flood, abundance has a bright and a shadow side to it. This card promises us plentiful resources but it is up to us to manage them for our maximum pleasure and benefit. All things must be enjoyed in moderation. Even virtues, like hard work, are double edged. Creating resources is good; greed is bad. Pleasure and enjoyment are good; excessive hedonism is addiction and bondage. Expansion opportunities come your way today.  Will they increase your quality of life, or will they diminish it? This card tells us to carefully reflect on all the implications of what we wish for today.

Ask: How can I enjoy what I already have- possessions, relationships, and surroundings- more completely today? Would getting more or different things and people really make me happier?

July 15 – Monday


This is a positive card that says: “Yes, you have reached your goal!” It speaks to us today of permanence, safety, and grounding. It brings with it confidence and clarity about who we are and what we are not. On a literal level it can mean our life path and purpose, our marriage, or any other long-term commitment that defines us. There is a sacrifice of freedom implied by the card because we all exist within the framework of time and space while we occupy the earthly plane. There are only so many hours in a day to accomplish what we want. The card promises a realization today of our true destiny.

Ask: Why am I here? What is most important? What is least important? How can I arrange my life to give attention to what is most important to me?

July 16 – Tuesday


The Ring refers to all types of pledges, contracts, alliances, and agreements. The card reminds us that this goes beyond words into the realm of action. The Ring as a symbol of commitment is universally understood. There is a bond involving a deep commitment available to you now. The question of deeper commitment may come to the table today.  This could be to a cause, a person, or a place.

Ask: What person, place, idea, or value do I want to give more of myself to today? How will this show itself through action?

July 17 – Wednesday


Although they seem small and harmless, mice can drain us of important things. The card symbolizes that something could be eating away at our serenity, our confidence, our goodwill, or our joy. If we are feeling off today, let’s look around and see what’s close by that could constitute “mice.” At first these small things that drain us will seem insignificant, but over time great damage could result if we allow them to continue. They might be intrusions in our environment. Sometimes, they are ideas, people, habits, or minor health conditions that rob us of life force.

Ask: What is deteriorating in my life that I need to replenish? What is eroding my life quality?

July 18 – Thursday


A person is entering your life who feels deeply and acts compassionately. Beyond that, expect passion to surface in a big way. More love, in all forms, is on its way to you. More of what you love will manifest in other ways as well, such as projects, social causes, and creative activities. This card correlates with the astrological sign of Leo, whose domain we will enter within the next few days. Expect color, romance, pleasure, fun, drama, and creativity in all forms to blossom.

Ask: How can I open myself to more love and pleasure today? How can I express my creativity in new and fun ways? Who do I most want to include in this?

July 19 – Friday


You are being looked after. The Lilies are telling you that your ancestors and angels are knocking on the door of consciousness. A persistent thought of a deceased loved one may actually mean they are with you for a visit now. This is a contemplative day of meaning and messages. It is also a day of elegant and refined sensuality. Today is a day to take in exquisite food, music, and surroundings. Make the most of it.

Ask: Who is contacting me with a gift of love, knowledge, or wisdom now? What messages have I been ignoring, and how can I be more receptive to the subtle suggestions coming from spirit today?

July 20 – Saturday


This key unlocks mysteries, doors, knowledge, joy and……..?What do you need unlocked? It brings resolutions to problems of longstanding. In a Le Normand spread, whatever lies beneath the Key is the answer to that issue. It promises empowerment. Since the answer to our first question will be different for each of us, reflect on how you are locked in or out by people, places, things, or yourself. Pull one last card from the deck and that will be the key to your situation.

Thanks for joining me in the Le Normand Dreaming Way Tarot today. See you again!

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