Dreaming Way Le Normand: March 29 – April 4

Dreaming Way Le Normand: March 29-April 4 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

I woke up early today after a startling dream. I seemed to be in the French Quarter of New Orleans and was trying to weave my way through the tables of Tarot readers, still keeping vigil outside the old cathedral, right before daybreak.

I needed to choose exactly the right reader to answer a pressing group of questions that had been haunting me most of the night. They were from my friends and callers who were contacting me with troubling questions about the week ahead. But none seemed to feel exactly right for this purpose. So, I found myself crossing the street and walking toward the deserted riverbank.

It must have been very early morning, because the Quarter was so quiet and empty. The fog was still heavy over the river and I peered around disoriented, looking for a place to sit.

I strolled further down the moonwalk, breathing deeply to wake up, and looked for a Creole coffee vendor through the fog. I saw only a dark, hooded figure sitting on a bench alone. Thinking this was a homeless person needing some breakfast, I fumbled in my bag for what I might offer.

But, apparently I had misjudged the situation!

Suddenly this figure turned directly toward me and beckoned me over with a mysterious smile.

My heart in my throat, I looked around nervously for the nearest stairway back to the street. Approaching more closely, and very cautiously, I saw what I couldn’t believe.

It was the long dead Queen of Tarot, Madame Le Normand. She pulled from a secret pocket inside her cloak a deck of cards. Her deep, rich laugh rang out into the stillness as she looked up at me kindly. Then, as she moved aside, I gingerly took a seat beside her.

As I shared the bench with this ancient Diviner, she opened the cards one by one, laying them against her dark cloak in the absence of a table.

She spoke very quietly in the pre-dawn stillness. I recognized the Dreaming Way Le Normand Tarot deck by Lynn Araujo and Kwon Shina she used as her tool.

Here’s what she told me to tell you:

March 29 – Sunday


An important meeting with someone which feels like an appointment with fate will take place today. An offer of love could be in the offing. The relationship has the essence of the Lily. Lilies symbolize both purity and passion. They symbolize eroticism, motherhood, death, and something deep within you springing into new life. Expect transformative experiences today! Expect the yin and yang of purity turning to passion and passion turning to purity. Make sure to consider it carefully and then give yourself totally: mind, body, and spirit, if you choose.

March 30 – Monday


Connections will happen if you let them today. Meet up with friends in an online space and invite in friends of friends. Build communities for yourself and cultivate a beautiful garden of new connections, and plan for a day when those connections can enter the physical world and digital friendships can grow deeper.

March 31 – Tuesday


Charm will take you a long way today. It’s good to be strategic but don’t fall into cunning or advantage seeking. It won’t be good for your karma. Like-wise, you could get caught up in the agenda of a friend who doesn’t hold your well-being as a priority. Keep your eyes and ears open to avoid falling into the trap of another’s agenda. Don’t hesitate to speak your truth and draw boundaries for your own best interests.

April 1 – Wednesday


You could feel locked away and dormant. Not to worry, though! The energy today is about rest and retreat. Several things are concluding at once. Stay “in” and protected today, even as you go about your necessary activities. You will emerge tomorrow renewed.

April 2 – Thursday


Good luck follows you today! Celebrate a little. Don’t miss any opportunities that are dropped in your lap. You are experiencing harmony of body, mind, and spirit, and it’s making everything seem easy. Be light-hearted and have fun.

April 3 – Friday


Nesting will take precedence over other things today. You could look for new housing or even be in the middle of a move. It includes another person or persons. One of them is young and maybe dependent. All will go well with this venture. Your happiness is ready to increase! I see you in improved and beautiful surroundings.

April 4 – Saturday


A new cycle of growth is starting. It could be in the area of consciousness, relationships, or literally, the gestation of a child. The cycle will culminate in the summer months. It will, more than anything, make your heart full and happy. Emotions will be huge like the ocean. They will ebb and flow naturally. A feeling of peace pervades the situation.

A Fun Spread to Try: Le Normand Timing Spread

This spread is for a “when” question, so it’s important to state the question in a simple, direct sentence that begins with “when.” When will I meet my soul mate? When will I start a new career? When will we get to move into a new house?

Shuffle the cards while concentrating on your question. Lay them face down on the table in front of you. When you are ready, draw five cards one at a time, and arrange them in a horizontal line, left to right, in that sequence.

Turn them all over at once and let them give you clues about the season, month, location, and time of day that they suggest about the event’s timing.

For example:

Question: When will I meet my soul mate?

Card 1- Rider, 9 of Hearts

Card 2- Cross, Six of Clubs

Card 3- Garden, Eight of Spades

Card 4- Moon, Eight of Hearts

Card 5- Tree, Seven of Hearts

Answer: You will meet her after a long, lonely winter season, where you try to move forward but feel you’re slipping backwards (Rider). It will be at a spiritual gathering (Cross), in the spring (Garden), at night, around Easter Sunday (Moon, with a bunny painting stars,) near a large tree (Tree).

Le Normand readings tend to be quite literal, so don’t be afraid to be literal and specific as you interpret what the imagery suggests to you.

Well, time for that chicory coffee. Thanks for joining me!

See you again.

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  1. Terri Hyson

    I just purchased a Le Normand deck. Learning to teach myself how to read them.
    Gilded Reverie expanded edition. Beautiful cards. Thank you for the cards revealed in your dream.


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