Cat’s Eye Tarot: March 15 – 21

Cat's Eye Tarot: March 15-21 | California Psychics

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My neighbors had a cat name Gizmo that I swore was the reincarnation of my favorite, but long-lost cat, Jupiter, who disappeared many years ago in a mysterious, and for me, tragic way.

Twenty years later, Gizmo appeared out of nowhere. Although his fur was orange and white, unlike Jupiter’s, there was an eerie resemblance I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

Actually, I now see that it was his energy essence I was feeling. And that’s the most accurate identifier there is, wouldn’t you agree?

His owners took great care of him and there was no reason at all for him to want to stray. But, he latched onto me for dear life, and the sentiment was lavishly returned.

I know you’ll think I’m nuts, but this cat smiled or cried when he picked up on my feelings. He seemed to stream healing energy from his eyes and paws! And, I can’t say I’ve ever seen a cat do either of those things before, or since.

Because I’d lost Jupiter under ominous circumstances, I never fully recovered from it. So, it seems Gizmo showed up in my life for a reason.

After a time, my neighbors moved away, taking Gizmo with them. The reason and the season for our time together were complete. But the healing remains. What about you? Do you think cats reincarnate?

Cats seem to have a deep and penetrating view of the world that reveal their spiritual evolution. They understand instantly how to deal with situations that humans consider baffling.

So, enter their graceful and mysterious world with me now through The Cat’s Eye Tarot, created by Debra Givin. Let’s see what the week ahead holds.

March 15 – Sunday

The Moon

The white kitty is “up a tree.” Just outside our field of vision something very menacing is advancing; maybe, a Doberman pincer. Or, maybe a raccoon? Besieged between a scary spider web and a rat, she hisses into the darkness while the Full Moon looms ominously behind her.

The card says today that the nightmare you are facing is made bigger and scarier by the shadowy light and the intense vibes in your environment. In the light of day, the spider web is empty and torn and the rat is a tiny mouse, more afraid of you than you are of it.

You will see the situation in another light very shortly and find it much more manageable and even laughable by dawn. It will resolve totally in the light of day.

March 16 – Monday

Three of Swords

Snow surrounds a boarded up cottage and the cat’s overturned dish contains nothing but frozen remnants left behind by the family. But where are they? They have left her alone in the outdoors and she has made a decision. From now on she will hold her heart in reserve.

It is the heartbreak card. You feel that what once brought joy now only brings, through memory, a tortured sorrow.

But, through rest, contemplation, and quiet a new plan emerges. A new phase of love is beginning, less dependent than the last.

And, joy will grow with time.

March 17 – Tuesday

Six of Swords

She sits in her cat carrier sullen and silent. Though the door is open and she’s free to leave she stays in her space, withdrawn.

The card says that help will be offered today. Accept it. It will bring about new possibilities and growth. Take action to leave your “prison”, whatever that is to you.

The door is open, and you are free.

March 18 – Wednesday

Eight of Cups

Another has captured the attention of our tabby’s owner. She walks away in grief and humiliation. What she fails to see is that it is temporary. By giving him space she will soon see him come after her.

The card tells you today that a similar situation could surface in an important relationship.

Remember that time is on your side. Make a departure in dignity and grace. Don’t look back and you will quickly see them by your side catching up again.

March 19 – Thursday

Seven of Wands, Happy Spring!

The tense and defiant orange and white cat stands in a confrontational posture. Defensive and sneaky, he glares at whoever comes close.

The card says to examine our motives. There is nothing wrong with seeking good things for ourselves but we must be careful to do so in an ethical and trustworthy way.

Though his behavior is not endearing, it should be seen as a cry for help. We can get to the root of the problem, no matter who might be acting this way today.

A person in your environment will show defensive and lone wolf behavior. Is it you, or someone else who acts as a mirror of your reality?

There is really more to the story and all will be revealed to you soon. Do not discount your intuition about the situation.

Communicate with love and then take steps to remain secure and centered.

March 20 – Friday

Seven of Swords

So many swords this week!

It might be a great time to look at what you believe about life and the Universe. Sometimes a stand needs to be taken, but if you’re always standing alone, it probably is telling you something.

Raise compassion for yourself and others today. Raise the level substantially for a week and watch happiness bloom.

March 21 – Saturday

Ten of Pentacles

A mother cat looks confidently at her adult child and they enjoy the affluence and the permanence of their rural environment. The continuity of life flows predictably and success by all measures seems to have been attained.

This card promises the chance for permanence and longevity in a love relationship today! It could even span several generations.

This card bodes well if your wishes are for a long term love or other close association.

It is lending you energy to make that happen.

A Fun Spread to Try: Cat Lover’s Spread

This is a fun and playful spread, inspired by Kate, of I love it! It is a five card spread which gets to the heart of the matter in an incisive and therapeutic way.

Shuffle the deck thoroughly and ask the angels and guides to bring you what you most need to know about this week ahead.

When you are ready, pull five cards randomly from the deck and place them in a vertical line, face down on the table in front of you.

Card one- What are you stalking? (Goals)

Card two- What should you pounce on? (Opportunities)

Card three- Time for a cat nap from something? (Rest)

Card four- What do you want to get rid of? (Banish)

Card Five- What will bring more fun into your life? (Play)

Well, that says it. Cats do seem have the insider’s answers to life’s toughest questions!

Thanks for joining me today. See you again.

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      Prayer in a sincere manner can help only in God’s timing not yours. I have learned to make better decisions and better choices. Through my spiritual journey, it isn’t always what you want but timing comes when you least expect the outcome. Astrology is the key for everything in the universe. always changing. You are a giving person. In time, the love you desire will come, first Love yourself and don’t make the same mistake.

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