A Repressed Psychic Gift

Repressed psychic gift I’m a little bit psychic, but I’ve repressed it because it just hasn’t been a comfort zone for me. A few people I work with have wondered if perhaps I wasn’t missing a calling, after I recently made one huge prediction that actually came true –- after all gifts are meant to be used. So I decided to call Elijah, who, from his bio, appears to be highly spiritual to find out whether or not burying my abilities was a negative.

Elijah immediately picked up that the gift runs in my family. I do come from a family where the women are highly intuitive. In fact my grandmother loved to read playing cards after Sunday dinner when I was growing up. But far from being serious, we considered it fun and interesting to talk about.

“I understand that being psychic can be uncomfortable,” Elijah explained. “Your decision to turn off your gifts isn’t that uncommon. I see that you have another creative skill set which you are extraordinarily passionate about. The combination of passion and skill I see are so rare that I don’t often see it in readings,” Elijah continued. I was finally feeling better about the decision I had made early on, to stuff my psychic feelings. I write for a living and there’s almost nothing that I’d rather do. I love, love, love… writing, and I’m lucky enough to have always been able to do if for a living.

Elijah also saw that my intuition had recently been heightened, which is very, very accurate. In times of stress I get some big picture visions that just break through my efforts to keep them away. He says they are a form of protection and appear to be serving me well. I told him that they had gotten so strong recently that I was sending my predictions to a friend for safekeeping, so that the two of us could test my accuracy in the future.

“Of course there is free will,” Elijah pointed out, “but I do see you embracing and developing your gifts in the years to come, to help others. You’ll take the time to learn to focus so that you aren’t as uncomfortable with what comes to you.”

At that, I acknowledged that knowing the exact time that loved ones crossed over, before anyone ever called to tell me about it, was really disconcerting. It’s something I’d rather not excel at, I told him. My brother used to check my accuracy, because I tended to look at the clock when I would get the feeling.

Before our call was about to end, I asked Elijah if there was anything that I needed to know. “The Universe is telling me that there is something that you’ve had on the back burner, something that involves your passion and skill set, that needs to go on the front burner immediately. It’s a creative project that has an intense energy. The Universe is telling me to tell you… just like the Nike ad, to “Just Do It.” If you take the first steps, success will happen fast.”

I knew exactly what Elijah was talking about. I’d been feeling the same thing, somewhat nervously and hesitantly. “Just do it!” Elijah encouraged again, before I ran out of minutes.

3 thoughts on “A Repressed Psychic Gift

  1. Feeling Trapped

    As I read this, I was surprised by how much it resonates with me in a way. My late grandmother was a psychic healer and I’m certain that I may have inherited her gift, but I felt torn because both sides of my family are more or less “bible-thumping” Christians. What makes it worse is that someone gave me a deck of tarot cards for Christmas last year, and I feel hesitant in wanting to try them. I apologize if I sounded like a whiny brat (please pardon my choice of words), but what would your advice be for someone in that situation?

  2. Hampers

    Just gone through your blog on Psychic gifts and found it wonderful. I was unaware of Psychic gifts but they play an important role in our life.


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