Psychic Q&A: More Than One Death in the Family

Psychic Q&A: More Than One Death in the Family

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Dear Cameron,

I’m a woman with three adult sons and I have experienced more than one death in the family. Within the last four years, I have lost two aunts and an uncle. I cared for all of them. Right after losing them, I lost my mother. She and I were always close and I would always look to her for advice and support. She was an astrologer. My dad came to live with me when my mom passed away. After a few years of a tight fit under one roof, we left my home of 35 years for a bigger house that would fit us all. My youngest son moved out. Then my husband became ill and passed away. A year and one month to the day of my husband’s death, my father died. After, my youngest son and his wife moved in.

I have been a caregiver so long and now I don’t know what direction to go in. I feel lost. I’m in a dead-end job. I’m hesitant to quit because it’s so close to home, however, the people there aren’t very nice. I appreciate the insurance I get from working there and I liked being close to home when I needed to check on my husband and father while they were ill. I don’t have many friends and the ones I do have are mostly married and hang out with other married couples. Then, there’s the fact that I have major trust issues.

I’m looking forward to staying in this home a little while longer but I want to get out and maybe takes a few trips. I’d like to have a male friend who would share this life with me. I don’t want to babysit anyone again and I don’t want them to babysit me. It’s also important for me to trust this person. After more than one death in the family, I’d like to know when I can fill my home with friends, laughter, and good times again.

What do you see for me?


Psychic Cameron ext. 5412 responds:

Dear JT,

I’m very grateful for your question and the opportunity to read for you. I’ve consulted my cards, and what I’d first like to say to you is that I believe your situation will improve. Some very exciting experiences are on their way but you have to understand a few things first.

After more than one death in the family, you are what I would call a wounded healer. And I can appreciate that term because I have been one myself. It is possible that you are a water sign, or have water heavily in your astrological chart. What this means is that you are a very compassionate person, and people, whether they’re family, friends or coworkers, may naturally gravitate to you when they need help. You may even be that person that someone on the streets asks when they need directions! When I focus on you psychically, I feel you are a soul with deep tenderness and a great capacity to love. But people should never take that for granted.

Can you take care of yourself as well as you take care of other people? The wounded healer often has time for everyone and fixes everyone’s lives but when it’s time to do something kind for themselves, they are simply too tired. As soon as one crisis ends, someone else knocks on the door and needs something from you. You feel your work is never done. You may also feel guilty about saying no.

I appreciate that you have had to care for your family, which can be a very challenging situation, and I’m very sorry about you having more than one death in the family. You’ve had a lot to grieve for and that often takes time. However, my guides inform me that you are going to have a lovely spring, and in the months of March and April in particular, you will feel as if some of this burden has been lifted. Your situation will improve greatly this year, but you also have to do a few things to help the situation along.

The shift in your life will take place when you go from helping those who you feel you have to take care of to helping people as part of a career. I can see you working as a counselor or consultant. You even have some latent psychic abilities you’ve never explored before. In fact, the Ten of Cups reveals this through family legacy and your relationship with your mother and astrology. I did your spread twice and both times I got the Hermit card, which tells me that because of the difficulties you’ve been through, you’re isolated, and you’ve been moving from one crisis to another. The Eight of Cups, also upside down, tells me you’ve wanted to make a transition but just as you solve one problem, you find you have to deal with another. Wounded healers rarely catch a break.

This is my main advice to you: The first thing you must do is find one activity that is solely yours. It doesn’t matter what it is—yoga or a cooking class, an extended, 12-week psychic workshop, a book club, you decide. But short of an actual emergency, you MUST make yourself go every week; you are not allowed to cancel. Prepare in advance for the phone to ring the minute you are ready to walk out the door. But the friend who wants to talk can wait. This is your time. You are building a new community and you need a first step.

I am being shown that you will meet someone in April or May, a male friend with romantic possibilities, who can also relate to your experience. The universe has been trying to find you a loving mate for a while, but you’ve been very busy! I know that your next relationship will involve someone who is there to take care of you the way you take care of others. There will be a balance this time.

Saying no will be hard, but it is critical to the new life I am envisioning for you. You may decide that you’ve helped your son and his wife enough. If so, figure out a plan for them to get on their feet, and, if it feels like a burden, ask them to leave. As you are beginning a new relationship, you may find you want more privacy. Saying no doesn’t make you cruel. It can actually be the most loving response and will help them to be independent in the long run.

JT, you’ve given so much, and you have even more to give, but you didn’t come to the planet to only rescue and care for others. My guides show me that the grief and guilt over more than one death in the family have clouded your perceptions and it’s time to let them both go. Do some work with forgiveness and releasing the past. You’ve helped everyone else. Now it’s your turn to have a wonderful time—to thrive. Look to September for a life-changing career opportunity and before the end of the year, the return of a good friend. Remember, you can be powerful in ways that don’t always involve saving others. In fact, this time the life you’re saving is yours. You’re worth it.

My loving thoughts are with you,


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    I had a fiancé for three years; last year we were planning on getting married this year 2018 but unfortunately last year December 13,2017 he passed due to coronary heart failure. Three years ago he planned on leaving me financial help thru his pension from his job and his Union. I’ve already told his Union all the details but it’s been months and they are tight lip not informing me if and When or how much my fiancé James left me. Are you able to help me with my problem. I was born on May 31,1961 and Gemini & James was born March 30,1961. Can you tell me please what you see in my future please. I am in need of financial help but have no clue what’s in store for me or when ifever I will get some financial help from my Fiancé who passed on December 13,2017. Please reply thank you kindly. Hoping for a reply.

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    How come it telling me that it possitive for early sings of pregnancy am I pregnant ? What ? Am I seeing myself spirt into my old body now new into the world and true love is the next time I decend?


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