Psychic Q&A: He’s a Proud Womanizer

Psychic Q&A: He’s a Proud Womanizer

He’s Perfect Except for the Womanizer Part

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I’ve been seeing someone for about two years now and it turns out he’s a womanizer. However, he’s everything I have wanted in a man. He’s handsome, fun, intelligent, tall, strong, caring, and family-oriented, yet he is not available. I found out recently that he has another girlfriend where he does business down south. He admitted to it and told me he lives with her and they take vacations together. Therefore, I decided to stay anyway.

It has been close to six months since he confessed and I can’t find the strength to break free. This is not me, morally or ethically. I don’t want to be the other woman. Instead, I want to be “the one,” and yet fear creeps in. I feel like I may not find all of these qualities in a new man again. And if I do, will he even be able to commit to me? I’m 47 and I’ve been waiting for someone just like him. However, now I feel I have to let him go.

I’m afraid. I’m at a loss, as I am hanging by a thread not knowing what exactly to say or do without life seeming so empty.

Thank you for your help!


Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

Dear Kellen,

Your courage in writing about this painful situation is commendable. It’s a clear sign that you have more strength than you realize. Please know it’s no accident you know he’s a womanizer. Even though it was an agonizing realization, it’s the truth you need to help set you free.

Your feeling that you must let this womanizer go is right. There’s nothing here for you but a dead-end. If you continue on with him, it will slowly eat at you until the whole thing finally disintegrates, which will come sooner rather than later. You know this is not who you are, and even though fear wants you to ignore what you know, you have the strength to leave. This womanizer has zero desire to commit. To anyone. He’s having a great time cheating on the other woman and on you.

Your deep desire to be “the one” will lead you to the right man, if you just trust your heart. You are very youthful, so put that worry to rest. If you release yourself from this bondage of fear and anxiety, you will put this womanizer behind you and move on to new love.

Once you leave, you will have some time to heal and regroup. By the last quarter of this year, a new man will come into your life. He has a solid build, along with dark hair and eyes too. I see that he is an attractive single man who works hard and makes decent money. He has many of the qualities you desire in a mate, including what your current beau lacks: good character. He is no womanizer. In fact, he will want to marry you.

May you be ever blessed,


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