Psychic Q&A: Dating a Coworker

Psychic Q&A: Dating a Coworker

He Can’t Date Just One Woman

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Greetings Kallista,

I’ve been dating a coworker for about three years. There is an age difference. I found out that he was seeing someone else but I care for him deeply and I feel like we do have a connection. However, lately, I’ve been feeling like I need to move on because we may never have a relationship. But for some reason, I think that if I try to move on he will try to keep me in his life. Do you think I’m on the right path? And, do you think I need to find another job in order to move on from him?

Maria O.

Psychic Kallista ext. 9623 responds:

Dear Maria,

Dating a coworker is a brave thing to do. It can be good, or not so good, and for you, it feels like it’s been a little bit of both. This man feels you are quite attractive, as well as lovely, radiant, smart, and fun. He sees the age difference as a plus—something to be proud of. You do indeed share a connection. While dating your coworker, you’ve been wonderful to him and very giving. But the pure selfishness in this man prevents the kind of relationship you deserve from fully forming, and he’s had years to do better. He’s been deceptive about his need to be with other women. He has a way of starving your heart when he should be filling your heart up to overflowing.

Your feeling that he would try to keep you in his life even if you try to move on is correct. You treat him so well that he wants to keep your loving generosity. You can continue on with things this way, but I’m very sorry to say that it appears nothing will change. He wants to have his cake and eat it too.

As you’ve already realized, finding another job would be the ideal solution for you. If you choose that path, I see a wonderful working environment and very good pay in your next job. You will have opportunities to date new coworkers, but it looks like the next love to enter your life does not work at the same place you do. You deserve all the happiness that will come your way in this new beginning.

Wishing you every good thing,


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