Intuition or Wishful Thinking

Trish in London, UK, writes:

Hi Red,

I love your column and have gained much from it over the years. I have a question regarding a man that I had a brief intimate relationship with several years ago. The relationship didn’t work out at the time, although we did maintain contact and meet for coffee and a catch-up now and again. At the time we split, which was his doing, I felt certain that there would be a time when we would get together again. Has this been wishful thinking on my part, or is there really, as I have believed, a future for [us] further down the line?

Best wishes,

Dear Trish,

You and your friend seem to be suffering from some timing issues. So, while you aren’t wrong in thinking that the two of you will romantically reconnect, that reconnection is still a few years away.

I do have to warn you that it is presenting as highly likely that the two of you will get together for another fling and separation before things work out into a more traditional relationship.

Sometimes the third time really is the charm!

Brightest Blessings,


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