Sex Q&A: Find Love In and Out of Marriage

Sonya’s Question:

Hello Liam:

I’m no longer in love with my husband of fifteen years, and I’m so love starved that I tend to look outside of my marriage for good sex and intimacy. I am currently in love with someone else, but I’m not sure how he feels about me. My intuition tells me that my husband has cheated on me numerous times, although I haven’t caught him. I want to live and be in love. I want a companion to share my life. I long for true love. How do I get past all of the confusion?

Psychic Liam ext. 9290’s Response:

Sonya, this world is filled with a wide variety of people, all with various natures, energies, and needs. Most of them, through no fault of their own, are quite oblivious to their own inner worlds and workings. When I consider you, I encounter someone with a magnificently romantic form. You are a sexual being flush with promise, and your lovers are like ignition points. You are a poetic soul wearing the mask of a bored housewife. Your costume is so well worn and your props so utterly believable, it seems you’ve fallen for the little drama yourself. Dear actress, let’s you and I remove all that make-up, and gaze into the mirror of the soul.

Why can’t you accept that you enjoy making love to many different men? What’s so wrong with enjoying being hunted; being wooed and courted, captured, and seduced? You adore being stalked. You offer the males who seek your charms a perilous conquest. It’s a harrowing mystery on which you thrive, and you fail to experience even a fraction of its real power and pleasure. You mask your enjoyment. Your inability to surrender to it completely has deadened you inside.

Your husband is a man with many issues, but I sense that you are quite wrong about his indiscretions. The voice you mistake for intuition is nothing more than the whisper of your own wishes. If your husband was indiscreet, would this not justify your midnight liaisons? I admit I see he has enjoyed a dalliance or two on occasion. The truth is, you’re the one inclined to immersion in the forbidden waters of extramarital expansion.

That’s who you are, and I have a strong feeling your husband knows it. He’s not as indifferent as you think. A good deal of his own sexual gratification, where you’re concerned, lies not in touching you, but in the teasing suspicion that you are being touched by others. Your extramarital activities please him on a deep subconscious level. You would be unwise to make an obvious issue of it. This is definitely something best relegated to the murky recesses of your minds. True exposure would destroy the innate passion that drives the drama for both of you. It would also force him to deal conventionally with what is a very unconventional aspect for him.

You say you seek “true love,” and a “companion to spend your life with.” These two things are seldom found in the same package. True love is measured in degrees of sheer breathlessness. It is ravenous and total, and people caught in the grip of it usually aren’t able to ponder a nice and cozy future. They’re too wrapped up in the rapture and agony of the moment. Such a love can be felt for years by lovers separated for decades. It can also begin and end within two heartbeats. It might turn into a long term relationship. However, those who obsess over the long term deaden themselves to the fever of the moment. Nature demands blood and payoffs.

You want to be in love? Get ready to sacrifice your home, your security, your sanity, and maybe your life. If the love is true, then forever is just a shuddering moment spent staring into your beloved’s eyes, and nothing exists beyond that place in time. You, my dear, don’t need to be in love to feel rapturous ecstasy with your sexual partners. For you, any sexual encounter can be magical.

The man you adore now, continue to adore. Fall deeply. Fall crazy mad, and be wild with it. You are a wild woman by nature, and there’s no reason for you not to entice him into your realm. I feel he is very drawn to you. You will have to encourage him more, because he is having a problem reading your cues and signals. Be friendly and sweet to him. Lean in close, breathe on his face, and let your hair brush his skin. Put your foot on top of his under the table, and give a playful little tap while engaging him in conversation. Be sure to let him have the pleasure of subduing you. A man like him needs the chase for his own satisfaction. Don’t think to keep him for more than a little while.

Make no bold moves to end your marriage. Be realistic in your wildness. You’re wasting a lot of time and energy wanting a perfect, pie-in- the-sky partner. In the end, all you have is yourself and your experiences. Your nature is a mysterious one. Relish it. Move from partner to partner as you wish, and never settle for being anything but the enchantress you were meant to be. Your life might well be different than what others know. Unlike many others, you’ll end the game without regret.


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5 thoughts on “Sex Q&A: Find Love In and Out of Marriage

  1. anaray

    on this subject notice the different reactions from a man vs. a woman – funny is it not that humans deny that marriage has very outdated reasons

  2. imaginethat

    Wow, Max and Susan, you nailed it. And sbsteinb1, really, wake up, free yourself from the victimhood that accompanies the “popular” view of feminism. The fight for independence, for self-awareness, is not limited to the female gender, nope, it’s not.

    “Hot sex” is a materialistic pleasure. As far as it goes, it’s fine. When it becomes confused with love, when it becomes an idol before which anything may be sacrificed, it’s not fine.

    “Hot sex” is a component of lovemaking, which is a physical/emotional/mental/spiritual endeavor. Lovemaking depends upon context. Sex depends upon desire and availability. It’s rather one-dimensional however “hot” it is.

    Some marriages thrive well on being open, Sonya. Maybe yours can be one. Deception and deceit, however, never yield good fruit. It’s something to consider.

  3. sbsteinb1sbsteinb1

    Yet still despite the exstacy of love, there always seems to be something lacking in its passing. As if it was only a small piece in understanding, a means to an end for independance. Sometimes emotions can turn into doors in trapped places when there is no other way out. At the end of many changes there is no soul, and not an eye but rather just the path to where we have traveled as every spirital journey leds to the same place. I love this article, it makes me realize the tortures that we as woman put ourselves through inorder to gain independance, not only from social stigma’s but from our own insecurities.

  4. maximillian

    Mr. Liam,

    You have a gift with words. Truly awesome response. I think this woman is confusing her sexual desire for deep and everlasting love. She enjoys making love to different men and I am sure she will move on from this current lover to another soon. She is projecting her guilt feelings onto her husband so that it somehow justifies her immoral activities (as far as marriage is concerned). If it is true, I feel truly sorry for her husband. What has happened to our society? Why are we so obsessed with sex at the expense of broken marriages, abandoned kids, and untold miseries on others who depend on us?

  5. Susan Hood

    My life was similar until 18 months ago and then i lost my husband and found out who i really loved and wanted. We all take for granted the love and relationship we have until it is not there. I have friends now but none of them can take the place of the friend , lover and companion i lost and still love. I will find a new companion but now know what i will accept and wont accept for myself. This experience has been the worst one of my life but one that has made me see the that crazy in love feeling you get with a new lover is no match for the feeling of having someone by your side, to talk to , to love and be your friend when all that excitement of the first encounter has gone. Think hard before you let go of the best thing that you may already have.

    Having l earnt.



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