Native American Symbol: Fox

If a fox runs across your path, it may be that you are being asked to look at new ways of communicating with others — to think “outside the box,” and to use detachment as a coping mechanism rather than emotional meddling, or enmeshment.

Foxes are, as they say: sly, physically beautiful, resourceful, and dutiful protectors of their young. They live on the borders or hinterlands, and can only be seen at sunrise or sunset. They are therefore thought to be guides into the worlds of fairies, and experts in shape-shifting.

As a symbol used in meditation, or as a source of inspiration, the fox asks us to be observant and adaptable, rather than strident and demanding. Foxes are masters in outrunning their predators: They will create subtle, wise escape plans that will confound those ham-fisted, blustery types, and those designs will always go against what might be obvious. Foxes will play dead to attract their prey, or they will try to “charm” them into submission. The fox’s cunning also brings up the question of motive: If you are going to use the stealthy, powerful skills of this animal, it goes without saying it’s always best to use “the Force” for good. In a world full of noise and conflict, however, the fox is a welcome symbol of focus and control — and it knows how to stay out of the fray.

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