Missing Pooch

English TV Host Lionel Blair has enlisted the help of several psychics in order to find his missing dog, Florence.

The celeb’s collie disappeared from a walk nine weeks ago, and Blair is determined to find her. The former Give Us A Clue host told reporters he’s spoken to two phone psychics in an effort to track her down.

“They say ‘she’s coming back to you’ and one of the psychics described a bald-headed man” Blair said.

“Both said she’s safe and well but that it would be some time before we get her back.”

According to the star, his other dog, Jenny, has been devastated by the disappearance of Florence, and he’s now bought a third dog, Lola, to keep her company.

“We got a cross bull terrier and retriever to cheer her up, and to cheer us up.”

But he said that he and his wife are still troubled and upset by the loss of Florence.

“Every time I see a person walking a dog, I think it’s Florence” he said.

“I think she’s been groomed into a different style so she looks nothing like her photo.”

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