Your True Miracles

Miracles come in different forms. Often they appear as a blessing in disguise, like if your commitment-phobic lover breaks up with you, but then you meet your future mate shortly thereafter. A miracle can also appear as synchronicity, which is when events mysteriously come together in a meaningful way that defies explanation. If a new client contacts you just as an unexpected bill lands in your mailbox, you’ve experienced a synchronicity. It may be a mini-miracle, but it still inspires wonder.

Some miracles, however, have a life-changing, awe-inspiring, faith-affirming effect on the recipient, especially if the miracle comes from a seemingly miraculous source, like a dead loved one. That’s what happened to Becca in Ruston, Louisiana and Julie in Las Vegas, Nevada. Their miracles brought a gift they could never have imagined.

Message From the Afterlife
When Becca’s son was a baby, her parents gave him a doll, which the family named Leon. “Leon had a hard plastic face and a soft body and curly black hair,” Becca says. “My son absolutely loved Leon, would smile really big at him and suck on Leon’s nose while he was teething.” However, Becca’s stepson was terrified of this doll, so during one of his visits, her husband threw the doll up onto the roof of the trailer where they were living just to calm the child down. When her husband later went up on the roof to retrieve Leon, the doll was nowhere to be found. They would look for him from time to time over the years, but to no avail.

Years later, after Becca and her husband divorced, they gave their trailer to a friend, who moved it to a different location 15 miles away. Then tragedy struck. Becca’s ex-husband became sick and died, leaving her grief-stricken — they had remained very close. Little did she know that from this loss would arise a miracle. Although he was gone, Becca still felt her ex-husband’s helpful presence. When he encouraged her to finish nursing school, she reluctantly agreed to go to her friend’s house — the trailer — to study for finals. Feeling apprehensive and emotional, she asked her husband for a sign, something tangible that proved he was okay and, indeed, here with her.

The next day, when Becca arrived at the trailer, she happened to look down and noticed an old blue piece of tattered cloth crumpled up on the ground. Something told her to pick it up. She did so, “and immediately started sobbing real, real hard. Fifteen miles away and eight years after his disappearance, here in my hands was Leon,” she exclaimed. She was flooded with feelings of shock, grief, joy and peace. “I knew, at that moment — there was no more doubt — he was with me. I was hearing him and he was hearing me. This was an indescribably, incredible, awesome spiritual moment in my life. And I feel so very blessed to have been given this very special gift.”

Becca’s ex-husband obviously wanted her to know that he’s alive and well in spirit. This miracle not only comforted Becca, but was a powerful affirmation of life after death.

Watching Over Me
A similar miracle occurred to my mother-in-law, Julie. A few years ago, her husband, Al, died from cancer. They had been married for more than 50 years. A month after he died, she decided it was time to clean the heavy chairs on the porch. But then something unexpected happened that lifted her heart.

“I carried the four chairs to the back of the driveway and hosed them down,” Julie remembers. “A couple of hours later, I decided they were dry and, since they were heavy, I decided to carry the four of them to the end of the driveway, and then one by one to the porch. I carried them each back, but when I got to the fourth one, Al’s level from the toolshed was sitting across the arms of the chair. All I could say was ‘Honey, how did you do that?’ He reached out to tell me he was watching over me.”

For both Becca and Julie — and so many others who have suffered such a loss — a deceased loved one offered a miracle to the loved one left behind.

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