Writing Your Mission Statement

Who are you and where are you going? Not sure? Feel confused? What do you really believe? What do you stand for? What is it that you want?

Here is a five-step guide to writing a personal mission statement.

Step One
What is it that you do not believe in? What is it that you don’t want? This is a great shortcut to finding what you do want. List them out as quickly as you can. In most cases, your first instinct is your instinct. Set a timer — this shouldn’t take more than five minutes. It’s not the exhaustive list. It’s what comes the most naturally – the instantaneous response.

Step Two
Find the opposites of all that you do not want. If you listed, I do not what to be lonely, then write out, I want to share my life with someone. If you listed, I do not want to be financially struggling then write out, I want to make more that I need by doing the things that I love so that I am not struggling. And the same for your beliefs – I do not believe in violence becomes I believe in peace.

Step Three
What are the themes of what you want? Did you list mostly career and worldly wants? Did you list beliefs around politics or religion? Look over what you have defined and allow your mind to begin to synthesize the themes of your life.

Step Four
Write a really bad, really long mission statement. Start with everything so you can see the thing that you are. My mission is to share my life with someone, make more than I need so I am financially comfortable and be peaceful, etc.

Step Five
Condense. What are you moving towards overall in your life? By writing what you want and believe, you will find what your life’s work is to be about. A mission statement has two parts – goal and how you are going to achieve it.

My mission is to live in abundance in my love life and career by practicing mediations on peace.

Your mission statement is a wonderful guide to receiving what you want. Things that move you toward your mission will show up in your life and things outside your mission will have a benign affect. You will step away easily from the things that are not a part of your life’s work. The moment our intentions are clear, the universe can hear us clearly. The moment you define what you want, you open up a space to receive it. And when it comes to the abundance and expansion of the universe, there is only one outcome – mission accomplished!

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