This Week in Mantras: October 14 – 20

The Power of Mantras

Psychic Denisha covers potential, authenticity, mutual agreement, knowing, and more in This Week in Mantras. Are you ready to use these amazing mantras every day?

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October 14 (Knowing):Look beyond the veil of your consciousness, and see what your subconscious holds.”

Look into the vast pool of creative stars, allowing yourself to swim towards the self-knowledge that your soul contains within. Yes, your heart contains all the answers that you seek. But you need to allow yourself to peek into the vastness of your mind to find all the answers that you are seeking right now. You were born knowing everything that you needed to know for this life. It is your humanness that separates you from this knowledge. Therefore, open your heart to let it flow forward from your subconsciousness to your consciousness.

October 15 (Potential):Express your potential with grace and ease.”

Now is the exact time to give birth to the plans you have been gestating in your heart and mind. Life is trying to give you the feeling of spiritual abundance and the material objects you need. Together, these two energies combined with your birthing process will certainly help you to see your potential. This labor can be done with grace and ease. You just need to allow the Universe to help you move with your natural rhythm when moving forward towards the life you want to create.

October 16 (Authenticity):Keeping to the patterns that seem natural to you keep you true to yourself.”

When you are authentic in your dealings with everyone that comes into your sphere of influence, you will be able to detect the real dealings of others. And it will allow you to keep your boundaries clear and in place. When you stick to the boundaries you have in your life, you don’t allow yourself to be dominated or to become domineering. Being true to yourself will allow you to find that authentic happiness and balance that keep your life moving forward in a concise way. It also prevents any blockage in any area of your life.

October 17 (Mutual Agreement):I work to bridge what the world needs with what I have to offer.”

By working in harmony with what the world needs from you, and what you have to offer, you will find peace. It also allows you to provide your expertise and something of value to the endeavors that you seek to join. And it will help you surround yourself with others who see and appreciate the value of all that you offer. In turn, you will be able to express wonder at the value you see in others. Through this harmony, you will find both agreement and mutual respect between those that you want in your life and those that love you.

October 18 (Exchange):When two trajectories meet it is something special, and a loving exchange is possible.”

You are here to share energy with the world and with those who find your sphere of influence attractive. In all areas of your life, you have relationships—work, home, neighbors, and love. Each one is a unique relationship that has boundaries and an exchange of energy too. When you give from a place where you can give openly with your free will, you will see that the energies balance. The power will be given back to you too, without constraints, allowing the boundaries to remain open and free. It will also allow you to renegotiate trust without hurting the other person or hurting yourself in the process.

October 19 (Power Within):Your inner fortitude will allow you to build a life worth living.”

Your courage is there to help you get through the tough times and work through blockages. You are being asked to accept challenges and keep calm as you face the future too. Therefore, having the strength of mind and heart will help you draw on that inner power that will navigate things. Life is working to bring about a change that will help you move forward on the path you wanted to be on at this time. So take a deep breath and muster up the power to move forward.

October 20 (Waiting):Having the patience of a saint will bring you happiness.”

Everyone hates waiting; it seems to drag on and on. But when you hold on, you find an actual kernel of truth that will bring you closer to your dreams. Therefore, going slow and allowing a situation to reach its maturity will make the path smoother. It will clear any wrinkles that are in your roadway towards happiness. It will also allow you to move closer to the one dream that means the most to your spiritual and heart happiness right now. So wait for the rose to bloom and then admire the beauty of it in your life.

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