How to Use Binaural Beats for Meditation

How to Use Binaural Beats for Meditation | California Psychics

What are Binaural Beats?

Binaural Beats refers to a type of noise, or music, that broadcasts sounds on two separate frequencies, rather than one single frequency. One ear takes in one wavelength, while the other ear takes in the other. The brain is then forced to absorb the difference between the two frequencies, which then alters the brainwaves.

To understand binaural beats, you have to first understand brainwaves. Brainwaves are also known as Neural Oscillations and refer to distinct patterns of neural activity. The brain is constantly in action, interpreting data faster than we can comprehend it. There is a lot going on in our subconscious that we are not inherently aware of. We take in and respond to stimuli in a variety of ways. If it’s cold, we shiver, if we get startled, our hearts speed up. The brain is powering the body all the time, looking out for us, and fielding out all potential danger. Two of our brainwaves, Delta and Theta, automatically synchronize with the frequency of the music we’re listening to, which is a contributing factor in how music can affect concentration and mood. But with binaural beats there is a difference in frequency, which means our brains work to fill in the gaps, allowing us to “hear” beats or patterns in the music that are not technically playing within the track.

How Binaural Beats Work

So how do binaural beats work, and what is actually happening inside of our brains when listening to them? According to Psychology Today, “Science shows that exposure to binaural beats can create changes in the brain’s degree of arousal. Listening to these sounds that create a low-frequency tone, research indicates, triggers a slow-down to brainwave activity—and that may help you relax, lower your anxiety, and make it easier for you to fall asleep and sleep more soundly.”

To put it a bit more simply, when we become stressed and anxious, our brains are rapidly firing off, making connections, and working to assess danger around us, even when there is none. Binaural beats work to sooth and slow down the frequency of those brainwaves, and the result is a much calmer, relaxed state.

What Binaural Beats Do

There is both scientific and anecdotal evidence to support the idea that listening to binaural beats improves mood and sleep. While there are no current therapies or treatments that incorporate binaural beats, they are beginning to appear in individual treatment plans for anxiety. There are other clinical forms of therapy that use brain stimulation, such as EMDR therapy. Using bilateral beats or alternating touches, a therapist can help activate both hemispheres of the brain and work to rewire traumatic memories in a more positive way. Our brains are complex organs which adapt constantly to external stimuli in order to protect us. Using binaural or bilateral beats as a means of circumventing learned trauma and anxiety responses can have a marked and well documented effect on mood.

It even has a rapid response time. We can enjoy the benefits of binaural beats as soon as we begin listening to them. Depending on the goal, using them long term could help improve mood and sleep patterns even further.

Using Them in Meditation

There are additional benefits to using binaural beats for meditation, as it offers a person the chance to achieve a higher state of consciousness that would otherwise be inaccessible. Using binaural beats during meditation to slow down brainwaves and help relaxation is a great way to get deeper into the subconscious, the cosmos, or the spirit realm. If you’re someone who works on the astral plane, binaural beats are a powerful tool to opening up your mind. Certain frequencies will have natural healing or meditative properties on their own. There are binaural beats to help you feel more confident, connect with past lives, and travel within your own subconscious.

For Spiritual Work of All Levels

If you’re new to meditation or find it hard to relax and get out of your own head, then binaural beats are a great place to start. If you’re someone who does more experienced astral or spirit work, binaural beats can facilitate ascendance to a higher plane of energy and enlightenment. This is also beneficial for people who practice mediumship and divination, as it can help to remove neurological obstacles on the way to cosmic and spiritual enlightenment. As science continues to progress, and we learn more about our own brains, we will surely see new ways to use neural stimulation in myriad ways. Binaural beats offer an easy way for people to address anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia in their own homes, for free. If someone is looking to elevate meditation beyond relaxation, and into healing, binaural beats are a great gateway. The potential and known benefits are well worth the attempt.

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