How Unresolved Guilt Impacts Your Life

How Unresolved Guilt Impacts Our Lives

Do You Have Unresolved Guilt?

Guilt is an emotional distress response. We feel it when we think we have caused harm (physical, emotional, etc.) to another person. Everyone feels guilty from time to time, but because it’s not a constant feeling, many of us don’t feel like it impacts our lives greatly. It actually does. All those guilty feelings add up. In fact, a study conducted about guilt revealed that we actually experience about five hours of guilt a week. That’s a lot! And consider the fact that old guilty feelings don’t magically disappear on their own. And when we have new experiences and interactions that create new guilt, that guilt gets piled on top of the old guilt we already feel. Here’s what all that unresolved guilt is doing to your body:

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Unresolved Guilt Fogs Your Brain

If you have brain fog, you have poor short-term memory, difficulty learning new things and poor mental stamina or concentration. Do you have a hard time finding the right word, or do you think one word but say another? If you do, you have brain fog that could be caused by unresolved guilt. Can you imagine being so consumed by guilty feelings that you can’t even think straight?

Unresolved Guilt Makes You Gain Weight

When you feel guilty you feel stressed out. When you feel stressed out you reach for comfort foods to temporarily relieve the stress you feel. Comfort foods aren’t the healthiest foods, and if you eat enough of them with some frequency, they’re bound to make you pack on the pounds. But if you make a healthy, balanced diet part of your life, smart food choices will become second nature to you. Then, when you’re feeling guilty and stressed, you’ll be less likely to reach for a donut or two or three.

Unresolved Guilt Keeps You From Enjoying Life

How can you enjoy your life when you’re feeling guilty about something? Maybe you feel like you don’t deserve to enjoy life because of the hurt you’ve caused someone else. Have you gone to a wedding, graduation or witnessed the birth of a child and felt lukewarm about it? Do you feel like something is blocking your ability to enjoy and celebrate life? That block could be unresolved guilt!

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Unresolved Guilt Makes You Self-Punish

People with unresolved guilt often feel like they deserve to suffer. The think suffering makes them a better person, and they choose to punish themselves. Many cultures equate pain with purification and cleansing the body of undesirable aspects, so punishing ourselves makes up for the hurt we’ve caused another. Self-punishment can take many forms, from negative self-talk to self-injury. But you can change the way you speak to yourself with positive affirmations. If you’re physically harming yourself, you need to seek medical attention right away.

Better Ways to Cope

The best way to cope with unresolved guilt is to resolve it! Whether it’s apologizing to someone for hurting them or making your peace with the guilt you feel long after they’ve left this earth, you need to do positive things that will bring you closure and peace of mind. Try these tips:

1. Apologize and ask for forgiveness. Sometimes just hearing the words “I forgive you” can give you the closure you need and flip an emotional switch that improves your mental health.

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2. If they person you’ve wronged is deceased, you can still reach out to them for forgiveness. Speak with a psychic medium and connect to the other side. Not only will you be able to convey your apology to a deceased loved one, but that deceased loved one can also convey their forgiveness through the psychic medium.

3. Realize you’re not just punishing yourself; you’re punishing others too. Whether it’s a spouse, your children or a pet, when you’re consumed by guilt you can’t be the best partner or caretaker.

4. Know that everyone makes mistakes and the person you’ve hurt has most likely hurt someone else at some point in their life. That doesn’t excuse what you did; it’s just a reminder that all humans make mistakes.

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Don’t let unresolved guilt consume you. It’s causing more damage than you think!

5 thoughts on “How Unresolved Guilt Impacts Your Life

  1. KatieLou

    The biggest issue I have in resolving my feelings of guilt is the ability to forgive myself. Still trying to figure that out. Some days are better than others.

  2. Marc from the UK

    There are so many things I can relate to here, and yes I am guilty of some. I do think a lot and make myself aware, and I do forgive as well as accept forgiveness. Wouldn’t it be great if we could reach out to these people who have wronged us and vice versa. I think we can. It is my healing path.


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