The Integratron

In the Mojave Desert, just two hours east of the City of Angels, exists a powerful vortex of physical and spiritual healing called The Integratron. George Van Tassel, an aircraft engineer and a once-upon-a-time test pilot for Howard Hughes, built this arresting white dome in Landers, California as a rejuvenation chamber and time machine back in the early ’50s.

Today, people from all over are drawn to “The Dome in the Desert” because of its mystery and healing properties. Some even show up at the gate at midnight and say “I gotta get in there.”

Using the same positive power of the pyramids, Van Tassel claimed a higher intelligence (read: extraterrestrials) helped him. The UFO channelings combined with ideas from Nikola Tesla and other pioneers in the field of electromagnetics is what led him to design this two-story non-metallic edifice. He spent 18 years constructing the building.

Van Tassel’s architects, who he said were visitors from Venus, didn’t want their secrets to fall into the wrong hands, hence they communicated soley via telepathy. Unfortunately, Van Tassel passed before the final stages were complete, so the Integratron isn’t able to take anyone back into the past. Which is alright, since the present is where it’s at!

The location of the Integratron is an essential part of its functioning. He chose the site according to a complex set of theories involving the earth’s magnetic field, and the Integratron’s relation to the Great Pyramid in Egypt and Giant Rock, the world’s largest freestanding boulder, which is not too far away. Van Tassel claimed that a gigantic magnetic vortex of several miles radius could be measured around the rock with magnetometers. He believed that the great weight of the rock produced a piezo-electric effect on its granite crystals, creating the necessary magnetic field. Incidentally, despite being built without nails, The Integratron survived a magnitude-7.3 earthquake in 1992.

Because it’s all-wood and parabolic in shape, The Integratron is ‘acoustically perfect.’Meaning, when someone on the other end of the room speaks, it truly feels like they’re whispering in your ear. Which is why owners Joanne and Nancy Karl offer monthly sound baths that restore the body and refresh the soul. Visitors climb a ladder to the upper room, stretch down on the floor in a circle with their heads toward the center and embark on a 30-minute sonic journey. The sisters meanwhile, who also happen to be healing goddesses, put on a CD featuring the sounds of space taken by NASA, and play seven quartz crystal bowls that stimulate each chakra. The sounds penetrate every pore and lull you into deep relaxation. You leave feeling re-attuned and reminded that you are part of the Oneness where everything is safe and good. Private tours and even overnight rentals are also available.

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