Synchronicity: Coincidancing With the Universe

David Richo’s new book The Power of Coincidence: How Life Shows Us What We Need to Know is based on an age-old principle: that meaningful coincidences, or synchronicities, can help guide us in our lives.

Synchronicities are coincidences that seem to be meaningful – for instance, you might be walking in the supermarket wondering if your husband loves you, and suddenly hear an advertisement playing on the store radio say “Does your husband love you?” Or perhaps you’re looking at a picture of an old friend, and they suddenly call or Facebook you. This is synchronicity. In previous eras, synchronicities were called omens, signs, or portents and were often considered messages from the divine. Decisions were made based on them, kings ruled by them, and empires rose and fell based on how they were interpreted.

In our recent history, psychologist Carl Jung wrote extensively about them, and research studies have been conducted into why they occur – and, more pressingly, why people invest so much energy into attributing meaning to them. Why they occur has been the subject of endless interpretation – synchronicities have been attributed to everything from the collective unconsciousness to messages from angels. But whatever the reason is that they occur, they do occur, and the question is how to pay attention to them and use them as signs and guides in our lives.

However, many psychics will attest to that fact that when they begin to work on developing their psychic abilities – whether they are learning energy work, healing, dreaming techniques, clairvoyance or any other skill – the number of synchronicities they are experiencing will increase. Why is this? Could it simply be that, because one is paying more attention to the “stranger” aspects of life, one simply begins to notice what was already occurring? Or does effort at spiritual growth actually have an effect on the world around us? Is the universe winking “hello”?

Of course, as anybody who has experienced synchronicities can tell you, they can seem important, almost as if there were no possible way that they could have occurred “by chance” – however, they can also be maddeningly hard to interpret. They never seem to give a direct “do this” or “don’t do this” message. At most, they seem to be signs just to pay attention, as Richo’s book points out.

What’s your own take on synchronicities and coincidences? Why do they occur – and what are they trying to tell us?

6 thoughts on “Synchronicity: Coincidancing With the Universe

  1. Bailey Burns

    As for your comment Dr. Surprise, I find you to be either: on the same point as myself on the emotional spiral, but, heading downwards, or stuck (by choice) bored, and a non-believer

  2. Bailey Burns

    Great article. I am generally a pessimist and cynical as well; yet i find this article and I to be on the same page . Thank you for the “insight”.

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  4. Dr. Surprise

    There is a measure of self awareness called “The Mirror Test.” Animals are shown their own reflection in a mirror to determine if they recognize the image as their own, or mistake it for another animal. Humans, the other great apes, elephants, and dolphins generally recognize their own reflections, a very few birds do as well. Interestingly, some birds and dogs that can not initially recognize their own reflections can be trained to do so. Synchronicity is a form of mirror test. People see in the mirror of events around them the image of their own inner life. They see what they think, feel and believe, even their fantasies about what causes these reflections.

    Everyone has experienced meaningful and unexplainable coincidences. They are explained by supernatural and religious beliefs, archetypal influences, or more exotic, sometimes delusional personal mythologies. Synchronistic events mirror these beliefs back to the observer and are often mistaken for confirmations of personal beliefs. Most people are looking into the mirror of events and not realizing the images they see are their own.

  5. Mystified

    I find it sad that no one has posted anything on this subject. (Especially after the daily onslaught and perpetual discussions on Cheaters-ug) I for one would luv hear some of the pyschics opinions & experiences on this matter…. 🙁

  6. giovannax5214

    Synchronicity is Spirit’s way of showing us that not only are we on the right “path”, but also how infinite the design of life, living, and spirit energy is connected. Repetitive confirmations with people, places, and things constitute synchronicity and act as guideposts within one’s very multifaceted journey here on Earth that will continue to repeat until noticed–positive, or not so much…

    Becoming spiritually aware has a huge impact on our personal energetic vibration and when we are vibrating on a higher energetic level we draw positive, notable influences into our lives regularly. Conversely, when we are vibrating at lower levels, those we experience are typically rather unpleasant.

    Awareness in itself is a subjective thing and is based upon individual perception. Highly evolved spiritual awareness is not necessary to experience and make note of synchronicities and signs. The universe will continue to send out reminders, windows, and opportunities too all of us–whether we’re on the right path or not to assist us in getting to where we need to be.

    So in this respect, there’s no worry one will miss out on something significant or meaningful, as if you happen not to get it the first time or two around, whatever it is will surely make it’s way back again until we “get it” =)


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