How to Resist the Wrong Types of People

Resist Wrong Types People

Learn to Spot the Wrong Types of People and Resist Them!

Remember when your parents warned you about the pitfalls of falling in with the wrong crowd when you were younger? They gave you pointers about how to resist the wrong types of people. Probably, like most of us, you didn’t listen. And just as we didn’t listen to others then, we don’t often listen as adults very well either—even to ourselves.

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When our guts are telling us we’re following the wrong crowd, discounting those notions is usually our first reaction. But, if you take the time to step back and think it over, you’ll likely see that your parents weren’t entirely wrong and similarly your own feelings are usually on-point.

Wrong Types in the Workplace

You are the company you keep. In other words, if you’re hanging around with coworkers who are lazy, gossipy or who complain about their jobs day in and day out—even if you’re nothing like that—that’s not what the boss will see. It’s career suicide. So even if your work friends seem to have all the fun, they’re definitely the wrong types of people if you’re concerned about your reputation. So how do you resist the allure of the kamikaze work crowd? Just say you’re busy when it comes to lunch and happy hours and shoo them away from your desk when they try to reel you back in. They’ll get the message eventually.

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Wrong Types in Social Settings

Let’s jockey back in time to the 80s cult classic movie, “Heathers.” The Heathers were a popular and elite group of mean girls. They were the types you might know from high school, and the types you may have to deal with in adulthood. As their name(s) would imply, conformity is the key quality that bonds these types of people together. Getting into the in-crowd isn’t easily attainable, but if you do reach that goal, you’ll probably wonder why it was so important in the first place.

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Any time you find yourself more worried about what others think than your own personal opinion, that’s a pretty good indication that you’re hanging with the wrong types of people. Any time you diminish your own beliefs to conform to the majority, you’re losing your identity one compromise at a time. Having even an ounce of individualism is taboo when you’re mingling with the wrong circles.

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Wouldn’t you feel much better breaking free of the wrong types of people? Of course, alienation and banishment from the in-crowd is the minimum price you’ll pay for your rebellion, and being talked about is a freebie, but who cares? Just say, “I don’t mind, because you don’t matter.” Resisting the wrong types of people isn’t always easy because it’s not always obvious who the wrong types are. The good news is that once you realize your mistake, you’ll find that it’s easily correctable and absolutely liberating.

9 thoughts on “How to Resist the Wrong Types of People

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  2. Mary G

    I can relate to all of this. But there is one thing that really helps… nice, befriend everyone. If you r shy, this will be harder. I was, especialy in a new school. But I smiled, I spoke to people, I tried. If the people r too stuck up to say “hi” to you, you don’t need them. Move on to another group with which you may have more in common. Chin up!
    I love you and I don’t even know you. And God loves you, too. And HE does know you.

  3. Mary G

    I experienced some of this in high school, and I was accepted because I chose to fit it and be accepted. I had changed schools, but knew a lot of the kids from living in a a 2-redlight town. I found that I didn’t compromise to their ‘crap” for lack of a better word. And I was the youngest of this group too. (Not likely to be a leader.) But I won them over by saying “hi” in the hall, and I was pretty too, so that helped, but they soon started inviting me to parties, or to hang out a lunch, and I was a straight A student. which the cool kids don’t usually relate to. But personality is a great place to start. If they shun you in one group, hand out with another group for awhile until you find people who YOU like. Don’t sweat it. I ended up fitting in all of the high school clans. And am still friends with them now, 30 years later.

  4. Barbara

    I found especially this year that I am trying to please the wrong kind of friend in my life, because they are different, so I graviate towards them, but really they are draining my energy & I always have to do things there way, I am now resenting it!~

  5. miri

    it’s a common situation in circle of friends and workplace ….the sad thing is when it’s happening in the family is the worst thing can happen so humiliating and at the same time degrading the self esteem it just feels crappy and so devastating . i have experience it myself my daughter was less mean but since she met her husband she became a total different person in a negative way she rejected from her life would not talk to me in a friendly way .just her way or she would yell out and so on and on

  6. Deb

    I did stop hanging around with a friend because she joined the in crowd. They seemed too shallow. I don`t think my parents warned me against them. I always did my own thing.

  7. Paula

    Women lose there self worth and selfe esteem when it comes from men and woman
    Man can tair you down . They can built you up to let you down .


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