Real Housewife’s Psychic Love Reading

There’s no reason to scoff at a reality TV star who consults a psychic. It’s becoming the norm, and that’s a good thing for us here at CP.

Real Housewife of New York, Jill Zarin gives her friend the ex-Countess LuAnn. Newly separated, the psychic gives a love reading. She picks up someone whose first name begins with the letter “J.” He’s been divorced 10 years, and is a departure from her past loves/types she’s attracted to.

As it turns out, LuAnn is actually into someone whose name begins with J.

Onto Jill — she struggles with her separation from another housewife, Bethenny Frankel. The pair split over differences last season when Bethenny fell in love and told Jill to “get a hobby” and stop checking up on her.

Jill consults the psychic about Bethenny. She assures her that Bethenny “is talking to anybody that will listen” to purge any guilt regarding their friendship woes. Jill admits that the brazen, sharp-tongued, firecracker “scares her.”

Have you talked to one of our psychics about a friend? Your future love? Have they helped?

Psychics, what advice to you have when tensions run high among friends?

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