Psychic Spencer: Create a “No Worries” Attitude

No Worries… Really?!

There are two words to solve your problems: No worries!

There is a famous kids’ movie where the animated characters sing a special phrase, “It means no worries for the rest of your days.” My kids grew up watching this with me.

I know you’re rolling your eyes, but it actually is a great mantra for easing worry. Though it might not solve all of your problems, living with the attitude “no worries” is a huge, positive advantage in moving through life happily. Being worry-free is good for your health because it allows you to face difficulties in a calmer manner. Worry is a symptom of anxiety. Anxiety is the fear of losing something or of being hurt.

Anxiety and fear are emotions that waste energy and weaken resolve. It adds stress and lessens your effectiveness in every area of your life. Most importantly, there is energetically NO REASON to have or express these emotions. We are only wired for success and happiness… if we let them happen.

To ease your anxiety and live the “no worries” lifestyle, implement what I call Action Strategies. Action dissolves anxiety and fear quickly.

1. Dab Sandalwood Essential Oil on Your Wrists

A Japanese study found that the molecule santalol (found in sandalwood essential oil) eases worry and can help you sleep better. Dab a couple drops of the oil on the inside of your wrists to enjoy “no worries” within minutes.

2. Carry Obsidian Palmstones

Obsidian absorbs negativity and it is infinite in its capacity to do so. It can also have a calming effect for you just knowing you have a piece to hold in your hand when you need it.

3. Stay in the Moment

Chronic worriers have constant chatter in their minds, often based on “what ifs.” What if I don’t do well? What if somebody finds out my secret? What if I don’t have enough money? What if my spouse leaves me? You get the picture. To enjoy “no worries,” turn off the chatter about future events that might not even happen. Remember, fear is only:


When we consider how much and what we worry about, if we were to statistically break down all the stress rehearsal type thoughts we have, my bet is that 90 percent of those imagined or rehearsed problems never actually occur. The universe will always bring you what you fear to teach you to grow beyond it. So, fear nothing.

Concentrate your energy on now. If you are multitasking, choose one prioritized task and focus on it before moving on to the next. Give whatever you are doing or whoever you are with the gift of your attention.

4. Create a Plan of Action

When you are worried about a situation, try this:

First, accept the facts of the situation. Denial of a difficult situation will not make it, or your worries, go away. Second, figure out which aspect(s) of the situation you can control. Then focus on what you can achieve, create a plan to achieve it and then do whatever action is necessary. For example, if you are worried about losing your job, you might not be able to control your company’s decision to lay you off or fire you, but you can take control of your career prospects by searching for a new job or learning new skills to make you a more desirable candidate in the job market.

4. Imagine Yourself Surviving the Worst

Imagining the worst that could happen while seeing yourself working through that worst-case scenario is empowering and will help ease worry.

After you realize that you can survive whatever life throws your way, you can start singing “no worries” yourself!

5 thoughts on “Psychic Spencer: Create a “No Worries” Attitude

  1. Ann

    I was hoping you’d site your reference for F.E.A.R. acronym … I read parts of a book presenting a wonderfully useful discussion of this …. and I misplaced/lost the material and my brain hasn’t brought the name back to me …. Do you know the author? Book?

  2. virgo2757

    “False Experiences Appearing Real”. Hmm…interesting contrast to a popular phrase making the rounds these days: “Perception is Reality”.

    Just an observation, for what it’s worth. I’m gonna have to cogitate on this one for awhile.


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