How Your Gut Instinct Guides You

Trust Your Gut!

“I wish I would have listened to what my gut was telling me in the first place!” Have you ever said this to yourself? Well why didn’t you listen to you gut? Perhaps you over-analyzed what it was trying to tell you. Did you hear what it had to say, but chose to do the opposite? I bet things didn’t work out as you had planned.

So what is a gut instinct? It could be as simple as driving down the freeway and you suddenly get a feeling that you’d better get in the next lane. So you move over, and sure enough you look back, and an accident just happened and you say yourself: “Boy, am I glad I was listening to my gut or I would have been in that accident.” A gut feeling could also make you cancel a trip or call someone for important information just because you had a feeling. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

Have you ever walked into a room full of people and you knew something was wrong? You may get an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach just before a fight breaks out!

Perhaps you want to talk to your significant other about something that is bothering you. But your gut feeling is telling you this is the wrong time to bring it up. You bring it up anyway because you can’t help yourself and things end up being worse than they’d be if you waited to talk to them. Now you know you should have listened to your instinct!

These are just a few examples of your gut instinct. Perhaps you have experienced these situations and many others. We don’t listen to our gut instincts because we doubt ourselves and let our fears get out of control. We tend to over-analyze ourselves and our situations. But we can fix this and we can develop our intuition and learn to trust our guts!


Find a quiet spot with some soft music, get into a comfortable chair, relax and let your mind roam free. Do this daily for 10 to 15 minutes per session.

Practice Being Present

Instead of distracting yourself with multitasking, be aware of everything around you and focus on one thing at a time. Become aware of your reality and all the parts that make it up.

Trust Yourself

When you have a hunch or gut feeling, pay attention and consciously act upon it without allowing your logical mind to interfere. Start with small or insignificant things and work your way up to more important things.

Keep a Record

Keep a diary of your gut feelings. Note the situation, what your gut told you and how you acted. Did you follow your gut instinct or did you do the opposite of what is was telling you? Make a conscious effort to follow your gut instincts half of the time, while doing the opposite the rest of the time. When you followed your gut instincts, did things turn out how you expected? Once your gut instincts are correct (you have proof of it now), start listening to the intuitive side of yourself more and don’t be afraid to act on it.

If you need more help developing your intuition, or your gut feeling, call me!

4 thoughts on “How Your Gut Instinct Guides You

  1. Tracey

    I alternate between calling it gut instict and the little voice in my head….either way, I’ve learned if I don’t follow what the feeling is that I should do, I end up in a mess; it’s the same way with some dreams…you don’t really remember what the dream was until you get in a situation and then it’s I’ve been here before even though you haven’t … your subconscience gives you hints of what and what not to do; sometimes we just refuse to listen and things are usually ending unpleasantly….I’ve learned to listen the hard way! You are so right; it pays to pay attention to what the gut or voices are telling you :). Have a great day and thanks for the info~

  2. Robin Bednarczyk

    I’ll get a gut feeling, TWO SECONDS later my mind is thinking logic, and guess what? I’M ALWAYS wrong – when I let my logical mind interupt the flow, it truly messes up EVERYTHING. I have a bad habit of second guessing.


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