Praying Without Words

Prayer has been used as an important power throughout the ages, from the ancient Egyptians to Alcoholic Anonymous who uses it for members to help reach out to higher “sobering” power. Studies have even purported a link between prayer and improved health. Prayer is our direct link-up with God, the universe, the Nameless One – or whatever you choose to call this greater force. In the book, Prayer: A History, Smith College professors Philip and Carol Zaleski define prayer as “action that communicates between human and divine realms.”

Prayer, which is an intimate dance between the universe and the soul, occurs at a level beyond human perception. Yet at the crux, it is about intention and energy. Prayers work in mysterious ways, and they do not have to be verbal or written. There are many, many ways to make your every day actions a meditation or celebration.

Get centered and release
Before you get out of bed, affirm the existence of your true self by centering your awareness and feeling the source of spiritual power within you, says Dr. Charlene M. Proctor, author of Let Your Goddess Grow and founder of The Goddess Network, Inc., an on line educational resource for topics on spirituality, relationships, and women’s studies.

“Close your eyes, and ask whether you have allowed anyone, or any circumstance to take away your power to create the life you want. Do old hurts keep manifesting in your relationships? Affirm to release those feelings and know you are empowered with divine love. Breathe deeply and focus,” adds Proctor.

Remember that a properly nourished body, mind and spirit will free you to concentrate on top priorities. Remind yourself that you were born to succeed because the Infinite within you cannot fail. Then refuse to focus on what you lack as this attracts more of the same. This inner action will help you advance socially, financially, professionally and spiritually. The greatest contribution you can make is to feel yourself calm, competent and confident.

Go on a gratitude walk
Whether it is with nature, or simply walking to the kitchen for your morning coffee, make each step a reason for increasing thankfulness in your world, says Proctor. Remember, when you are filled with a sense of gratitude, you open your heart and allow even more yummy things to enter your life. Subsequently, realize that even the most mundane actions – like washing the dishes or brushing your teeth, are important parts of your overall purpose. Be in the moment and enjoy the ritual.

Undergo a media fast
There’s more at stake than just getting off the couch – saying no to the media is about saying no to the bombardment of negative energy and unwelcome messages. The media, with a few exceptions heavily distorts the reflection of the world. It creates fear and helplessness. If you don’t think you’re addicted to TV – why not go cold turkey for a week without it? You’d be surprised how difficult it can be to disconnect. But it will provide you with a profound week of self-discovery. “Undergoing a media fast will allow you to connect with your thoughts and freshen your mind,” says Rabbi Yitzchak Goldman author of Soul Diet: Ten Steps Towards Metaphysical Health.

These are only three ways to get in touch with yourself. Now remember what Rumi says, “There are a million ways to kneel and kiss the ground.”

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