Should You Revise or Reset Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Your New Year’s Resolutions by Sun Sign

Your Sun Sign and Your New Year’s Resolutions

How are you doing on those 2015 New Year’s resolutions? Whether you see yourself as winning or losing on those commitments, or if you didn’t get around to even declaring them in the midst of the holiday rush, you have some up-coming opportunities to revise and reset, or to initiate those great new promises and plans for the coming year.

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The Chinese New Year on February 19 begins the Year of the Wood Sheep, reminding us that there is an opportunity for even richer benefits from keeping resolutions. “Sheep power” comes from loving interaction. Incorporating your softer, loving side into all of your New Year’s resolutions gives each Sun Sign special powers and more ease in making them work.


Use self-discipline along with the love and support of others to make your resolutions come true. Those brilliant ideas you had that you’re resolved to make succeed gain power when you consider the benefits for all concerned. Let the sexy new interest in your life drive you to be a better you.


Finally! You’re free to make those promises to yourself that really inspire you. Your passions are high this year and partnership possibilities are everywhere and very appealing. Use these fulfilling new relationship opportunities—romantic and business—for mutual success regarding your New Year’s resolutions.

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This is the year that you really want to bring those dreams to reality, so go ahead and make that resolution that seems too big. Love yourself and others when you fall short on your resolve. Work with supportive partners to retarget and keep going. Then you’ll be well on the way to success over this coming year.


Resolutions regarding finances can work this year, as long as you’re flexible. Allow your overall vision to incorporate surprises. There will be windfalls and shortfalls, so just keep a cushion for the leaner times. Focusing on good health is never a bad plan and can bring exciting, sexy encounters.


This is your year to reach for those really big New Year’s resolutions. Something that seemed unimaginable in the area of love or creativity could finally start to take form, so push hard and forgive yourself when you come up short. Be open to things you avoided in the past, and you could have a breakthrough.


You have always had the dedication it takes to follow your resolutions, but you have been experiencing a little less focus the past few years. That’s okay as you’re just exploring greater possibilities. So let in the love when you fall short of goals and the appreciation in when you succeed. Keep redefining your resolutions to include loving you.

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Resolving to take care of yourself in the midst of your soulful relationships in 2015 frees you to recognize your true purpose in love and your work life. This allows you to reassess that powerful pull you have toward a soul connection with lovers and your career and give them a healthy direction.


You have been fully committed over the past few years to creating your ideal situation. It’s one that allows you a powerful, artistic outlet and a fulfilled love life. Stay true to your New Year’s resolutions and you’ll have those dreams in sight by this fall. Loving networking carries you to success.


You’ve been inspired to create new and surprising resolutions for yourself and your life. Suddenly, you’re far more interested in making your ideals concrete in ways you never thought important before. Remember that resolve should be coupled with redefining your dreams as 2015 unfolds.

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Resolve and commitment are inherent to your nature. In fact, you’ve had a passionate intensity about all your resolutions that’s been surprising, even to you, over the past few years. Don’t be discouraged by surprises along the way and set aside the time to be tender to yourself and those you love for a fulfilling 2015.


New Year’s resolutions regarding relationships get an extra boost this year, so remain open to possibilities and opportunities to have that perfect partnership. Career resolutions will get an extra boost through popular media—websites, social networks and more—so commit yourself to using this avenue for success.


Career and family-oriented resolutions will succeed through focus and practice. Don’t get lost in regret when you fall short of keeping your resolution. Just hit the reset button and keep going. Meditating each day and the creative visions you’ll have will help you find the self-discipline to stick to those promises you make to yourself for 2015.

As 2015 will be a year full of surprises, a good time to reassess your annual resolutions will be March 20. Save that date on your calendar, because it’s a powerful solar eclipse on the Spring Equinox, opening all doors and windows to possibilities. Then, if you’ve let your New Year’s resolutions slide, review, re-target and reassure yourself that you have what it takes to succeed.

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