New Life After 50

I often receive calls from women decrying the fact that they are now 50 – they express with deep sadness the notion that all options are closed off. How often do we see commercials that use the words, “age-DEFYING”? Do we really want to DEFY age and continue to look 20 years old or do we want to wear our wrinkles as evidence of experience and wisdom? Aging gracefully isn’t the easiest thing to do, but trying to cover your age with physical alterations will never hide the fact that you’re not “young” anymore (and by the way, “youthfulness” is all in your heart anyway). There are qualities in a human being other than a wrinkle-free face that are age-indicative. The demeanor of a 20 year old is often perky, cute with a bit more than a touch of arrogance. This is the time of life when we think we know it all. Come on! Do we ever actually know “it all” on this journey called life? Maybe … but definitely not at 20.

Recent studies show that between the ages of 50 and 74, human beings hit their most creative peak. It’s the time when creative expression flourishes as we discover the truth about ourselves and our purpose here on earth. We begin to understand what’s important and allow ourselves complete freedom of expression – we loose our inhibitions so to speak, and start revealing our inner truths without fear of repercussions or of what others think. It’s an invigorating time in life when we feel able to pass on the wisdom of our life experiences and the many lessons we’ve learned. We can truly start to look at suffering and pain in a new light. Understanding the true meaning behind the higher power that manifests in this world allows us to utilize the same power that lives in each one of us.

The song, Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places describes quite accurately our battle as youth. Often, we look back at how we searched for love in acceptance and approval from others. As we grow and evolve we realize that self-acceptance, accepting life for what it is, and inner peace is actually the well that holds the wealth. This is where we should be looking for love. We become more inner-directed, rather than outer-directed. So, after 50, we have the opportunity to set our priorities straight, turn our topsy-turvy world right side up and begin to live the rest of our lives with complete satisfaction that we are doing our best. This is the magic of being a self-empowered, mature person in the midst of the joy of mid-life. It is a grand day when we realize we are the directors and authors of our own experience. It is at this time in life that we can now sit back, relax and watch with admiration. So, give yourself a break – enjoy every day because before you know it, the party is over.

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  1. lizzy

    I turned 60 in 2014 and I feel wonderful. Yes, my knees sometimes ache and I can’t run like I used to, but I can’t complain at all. I know who I am and what I like. The bs is not a part of my life–authenticity and a gentle spirit keep me balanced and youthful.

  2. pa75

    I agree with you about the ‘age-defying makeup’ Marceea! I must have read this article back in May but getting a chuckle about it again. And Gina Rose, reading about your great grandfather made me have to comment. I am 53, have been square dancing for 2 1/2 years and intend to continue for as long as I’m able. I know plenty of people in their 80’s who have been square dancing for decades, even a few who have had mild strokes and maybe a little slower or speech impaired, but still enjoying the physical and mental challenge that square dancing provides as well as seeing great friends who share a common interest. I would recommend it to anyone! And the man who did the dance lessons is 84 now, dyes his hair also, and is so young at heart. Sounds like your ggf really enjoyed his life!
    At this writing, I have one more day until my love interest will contact me, according to my latest reading with you 3 days ago, Gina Rose. He is 54, I’ve been told by several psychics that he’s my soulmate or twin flame. We both were married to people who didn’t know how to treat us, so now we’ll have a chance at happiness with a respectful significant other. Sometimes I’m like, wow, I can’t believe I’m in my 50’s, but most of the time now I feel that the next half of my life is going to be so fantastic. If people pay attention, there are many lessons to be learned by the time we reach our 50’s. There are many beautiful women that I’ve met, sparkling eyes, friendly and compassionate, nice smile, and guess what … they’re in their 80’s. I noticed these qualities about them before I noticed if they had wrinkles or not!

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  5. TinaMontes

    5 yeaars from now… I will be 50. Before I use to think that my whole world will stop at 40. I was wrong … and I’m just starting to have fun with this so called life. I intend to stay happy, funny and making the most of everyday…

  6. angel

    Come on! Iam still sexy, fun and flirty plus iam a all time cougar at 60! my younger girlfriends 28 and 35 or where my girlfriends, are soo jealous of me, too funny but true….thier own men are turned on by me….
    oh by the way all my ex’s are anywhere from 5 to 16 years younger than me..Right now Iam engaged to a wonderful and giving man who is 5 years younger, he thinks iam younger than him,he does not care because Iam young at heart!lol noone could guess my age! iam the real thing…..and yes life starts at 60 too!

  7. SANDY


  8. Ildiko Zsolt

    I really loved this article ,I will be 60 this year and even though the years go bye I just know I will never age ,I have this love for music of all kinds and that keeps me young ,when I exercise or walk I lissen to my Ipod and it gives me so much power ,I born in Brasil from hungarian parents and live in Japan for 40 years ,next year I wil go back to Brasil hopefuly with my daughter and 3 small grand children ,My father is now 91 and lives near the beach on the south of Brasil , I admire his way of living ,he also worked up to 87 on his business and after his wife pass away ,he has now a girlfriend about 86 who is also Hungarian and who gives him company ,he eats well everything fruits meat fish and love to walk in the beach ,so looking at him I fill how important is to take care of your health and live life with joy .

  9. Joyce

    I loved the article. I’m 69 years of age and young at heart and in mind. I’ve always known who I am and really don’t care what others think and say. People always say, ” I wish I could be like you. You are so “together”, always knew who you were and what you wanted and you’re still like that after all these years”. Age is just a number. I have some bad health problems but I don’t let it take “ME” away. I love life and afraid I might miss something and I’m not going to give up. LOL Thank you for the article.

  10. shirley

    Hi there, I’m sorry to say that I do feel fifty, which is my age! I don’t look it, and I hardly have any wrinkles, but the aches and pains I feel after I play baseball or ride bikes with my grandson, reminds me that I am 50!! But the sexual part of my relationship with my husband is still going strong at 50, so I’m very happy there!! Blessings to all, Shirley

  11. balancedesires

    Hi All!

    Gina Rose what a fantastic remembrance to your grandfather! My great grandmother just passed late last year & she was a phenom! She was 100 years old & LOVED beer, pizza, lobster tails & The Boston Red Sox!! She could tell you who the players were & what their stats were! She remembered everyone’s name, where they lived & who their honeys were! Truly amazing, she did live it up going on bus trips with her friends, walking everyday.

    Hi Abigail!!! Your mom sounds like a lot of fun! Forgot to tell you that we are going to Camden ME for a romantic getaway in June & can’t wait! It’s at a gorgeous Victorian Inn! Chat soon doll! 😀

    Right on Jaqueline!

    Browneyes, I bet you live to 100 too being as active as you are! 🙂

    I agree, Lonnie I thought you were in your 20’s, no joke!!

    Balance & Fuzzies!

  12. browneyesbrowneyes

    I have to tell you ladies, if it werent for the wrinkles (and I have way more than I should) and the kids reminding me of how old I am now (which is 53 in a couple of weeks), I would swear Im 23. I dont feel a bit different now than I did then. I feel great, I stay active, and I can run circles around most anyone. I still love swimming, but my sons fuss about me wearing a bathing suit (even the one piece that I wear, as I will never be able to wear a two piece again, lol). But I put on my black swim suit anyway and away I go. I get on that tube behind the boat and ride with the best of them. And jumping onto the fire truck that I drive and ride on. At one point I had discovered it was harder to lift myself up there but since I have been going to the gym and building some muscle, its not a problem at all. Staying active is the key to staying young. So I may look old as the hills to some, I will always be young at heart. And this does shine through to people that take the time to look.

  13. Jacqueline x9472

    Hi Marceea,

    Love the article, I truly cant remember how old I am each year my kids are the ones who tell me how old I am, its really not a big to me at all, I wouldn’t go back to my 20’s and 30’s for anything…well unless I could take my knowledge of those years with me, then…perhaps.

    I believe I’m at my peak and it just keeps getting better and better, I’m so thankful for all the lessons I have had because I have learned so much from them, I truly am a much better human being for them, so cheers to life experiences.

    One thing that I have noticed about aging and watching others age is that you will either love and appreciate your life and those around you and then therefore be very happy and love every minute of it.

    Or you will be bitter and angry about those life experiences and see life that you were a victim if this is the case then you live a life of unhealthiness, anger and resentfulness, and you let everyone around you know it.

    I choose to be happy absolutely love life and everything in and continue to learn from those around me as well as sharing my life experiences to those around me.

    Life is to be enjoyed, laugh and love every minute!!!!!

    Blessings and Big Hugs,
    Jacqueline x9472

  14. Abigailx9570

    Oh yes I fall in this catagory …yet I don’t feel over 50 actually there where many times in my 40’s that I felt a whole lot older than I do now …LOL There is so much to life. I’ve done a lot experienced a lot and still learning with each day. My Grandmother on my Dads side lived till she was 99 and danced the Polka up to about 94. She and her cousin Olive who lived to a ripe old age would go together. I loved her dearly she could hardly speak a lick of English but I still could understand her although I was not able to speak French. My mother is 75 she is now visiting me. Men still talk to her where ever we go. 🙂 She does not look it Red haired and green eyed Irish lass …..says she is just fine where she is. Her husband died 2 yrs ago. Now she takes care of her younger brother Billy who has PTSD and is 100% disabled vet from not one but three tours of Vietnam. She’ll do it for as long as she can. Keeping busy and active keeps us young. It’s a state of mind.

  15. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Lonnie,
    CONGRATS on turning 50 this year!!!!!!!!…..remember, it’s only a number.

    By the way, you certainly don’t look as if you will be turning 50… have a very youthful appearance.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  16. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500


    I really loved this article…..I’m over 50 and am a GrandMother… TRULY does begin after 50 !!!!

    My GreatGrandFather lived to be 103 years old, he broke his hip SQUARE DANCING with one of his girlfriends …. all THREE of his girlfriends were in their upper 80’s ” ’cause he liked them young ” !!!!

    He died peacefully in his sleep, due to complications caused by his broken hip. ALL THREE of his girlfriends showed up at his funeral, meeting for the first time, my GreatAunt had to remind them they were at a funeral..LOL……

    …it was the most hysterically funny funeral I’ve ever attended and I swear, my GreatGrandFather appeared to have a slight smile on his face in the casket.

    He had a girlfriend for dancing, a girlfriend that cooked for him, and a girlfriend who drank with him ( his drinking buddy, as he made his own moonshine). He had a full head of silvery white hair that he would dye dark brown when he had a ” hot date “…LOL
    He worked up thru his 90’s,cash under the table at odd jobs, not wanting to take a social security” charity ” check…..when his check did come, he split up between his girlfriends.

    He truly did not know the meaning of ” old “. Words such as ” slowing down ” and ” retirement ” he scoffed at. AND….The ladies in his life that adored him didn’t believe in those words either.

    I would love to write an article on him someday…..he used to douse for water, and taught me how to do that, and was a ” water witch “. But that was a common way to locate water underground in his day.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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