Your Mother’s Day Horoscope

Celebrating Moms

A mother by nature or nurture is a treasure to have and a person to celebrate. Mother’s Day is celebrated worldwide on different days and in different ways, but there’s no denying the universal love we all have for those we call Mother.

On the 11th and the 12th of May, Venus squares Neptune over the Mother’s Day weekend in the US, and while squares can usually be a little tense, this one just says to me that people who love you will be gushing with gifts and kisses. People with this aspect in their chart are typically very creative and often put others first. You might just receive a labor of love in the way of a framed photo or a bunch of hand-picked flowers and these are some of the best Mother’s Day gifts.


Do people know what a mush you can be inside? Probably not everyone, but those who know you best know just how to make you blush and maybe even get you a little weepy, in a good way.


Strong, loving and down-to-earth is how others see you. And your Mother’s Day horoscope says you’ll revel in the loving spirit you inspire. And yes, they know you like fine food and pretty trinkets too.

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Whether home or travelling to some fun destination, lots of loving words and heartfelt gestures come your way. You’ve probably had the whole day planned for weeks. “Someone had to do it,” you’ll chuckle.

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Nothing fills your heart more than being with or hearing from everyone you love. You’re sure to get messages that reassure you that you are loved, but you knew that already.


Gathering the pride together is one of your great joys and another is indulging yourself. So revel in the pampered attention you royally deserve. A massage would make you purr-fectly happy.


You’re quite the nurturing and healing parent to not only your children but to everyone you touch. You’ll see all of that love returned to you and more on Mother’s Day, and it fills your heart.


Graceful, artistic and thoughtful, you provide a rich and unique perspective to those you love. Knowing you so well, someone will make a plan for fun so you won’t have to decide. It’s your day to relax.


Those who are close to you know the depth of your compassion and dedication to family. Your Mother’s Day horoscope suggests that those waves of emotion return to you in ways that warms your heart.


Knowing how you love to be surrounded by nature, an adventure outdoors or even brunch on an open patio suits your sensibilities and still more spontaneous adventures await and excite you.


The most basic and simplest things in life are what make you happy. No matter what you do, your favorite part of the day will evolve around the traditional basics of family, home and togetherness.


Starting your garden on Mother’s Day is a good idea. Take pride in the seeds you have sewn, including the practical knowledge you’ve shared with children. For fun, eat someplace you’ve never been before.


At times it may be hard to tell who the kid in the family is, but today you should be surrounded by people who think you are the embodiment of the meaning of Mother’s Day. Related or not, share it with joy.

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