Mental Health: Know What’s Weighing You Down and Let It Go

Whatever It is, You Can Let It Go!

When I feel like something is off, I stop in that moment, close my eyes, take a deep breath through my nose, exhale through my mouth and let go of any perceived problem that is weighing heavy in my thoughts. I repeat this centering exercise three of four times until I feel “lighter” and less burdened by worry, stress or obsession. I know how to Let It Go!

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When my space feels lighter, I ask myself  “Where is this coming from?” or “Am I creating this thought or worry?” In other words, I intend to locate whether this feeling or thought is really relevant for me. If it is, then it is easier to take some personal responsibility for it. I can then take some active part in creating a solution to resolve this perceived problem.

Are Your Thoughts Your Own?

Scientific data suggests that somewhere between 80 and 98 percent of the thoughts that are running continuously through our minds are really not ours, but are a complex, continuous streaming of the collective mind. There can also be energy or judgement that someone close to you is throwing your way.

Here’s How to Let It Go

The solution to your problems, issues or worries will always come to you when you stop forcing a resolution and allow yourself to merge with the flow of wisdom that is always available to you from your own being-ness. When you’re feeling the pressure, tell yourself “I am now willing to receive calm, ease and clarity about this issue.” In other words, Let It Go!

Ask to raise your resonance and your frequency in a more nurturing, expanded state. If you have really let go, then this should be an easy direction to take. And if taking action helps you shift your focus, do something pleasant. You could take a hot bath or go for a walk in nature. You could sing, dance or move in a fun, unstructured and uninhibited way.

Keeping Your Mind Healthy

Going forward, allow yourself to just “be” without negative thinking—whether the source of it is your own mind or the thoughts and comments of others. Don’t engage with energy and thoughts that belittle your value and self-worth. Practice forgiveness and compassion towards yourself and vow to feel good about your precious, sacred life. Vow to be a source of light and inspire others. Align with healing, honor and service to others. Smile from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Be willing to laugh at how absurd the mind can be. And remember, whatever it is, you can Let It Go!

17 thoughts on “Mental Health: Know What’s Weighing You Down and Let It Go

  1. tessa

    thanks for this articles, it may helps lots of people having troubles in their life, and I’m one of those facing crisis in life, good advice on letting go….cheer up everyone….

  2. tanna

    I lost my husband 6 years ago. my children but i feel lost depress and have this feeling im not worth it at all. i dont know what to do anymore. my kids been troulbe and i dont know what to do. i’m trying so much and hoping that things get better. I pray for a miracle and hope that we can all be happy again one day.

  3. nita

    Hello in really tired of this marriage ive been in for 12yrs im unhappy i feel like im being control by this person it the same thing over an over no money keep struggling stay in the house all the time i don’t have any friends hang out with an if i did he would not let me go any where i have a job he complains we argue all the time we have kids that don’t listen disrespectful always trying to put me down im really tired im ready to leave just disappear its so bad i have thoughts of commenting suicide at times im very unhappy I never be happy my life is over

    complains about everything we always arguing

  4. Mel

    Balance your chakra’s and practice meditation with affirmations. Know that you have angels around you at all times…you just call on them. This is a good article. I also Invision angels before me with their arms stretched out. In their hands they are holding buckets. I mentally Invision my problem/s and place my worries in the bucket and tell them I don’t want nor have a need for the negative thoughts. To return my thoughts cleansed. I ask the archangel Michael to take any darkness out of my heart. I give it to his light and watch what is hurting my heart…dissolve. I take deep breathes while invisioning.

    It helps me not go crazy. 🙂

  5. gurpreet

    i am 40yr old women ,lost my husband 5yrs ago .have two kids 16and 19 . i am on depression and anxiety pills 10+yrs .some times i feel lost in my head ,strange feelings ,i amdoing my activities but donot know how.any solution to my problem .i want to live happy .

  6. Pooh

    I am asking for prayer for peace, and I need this peace ASAP, before things get out of hand. I have the worst neighbors who live next door to me, they are rude, disrespectful, noisy & don’t care at all. I had an altercation with my next door neighbor, and the landlord did call them, but things are still the same. i do not want to get into any trouble, but i am really getting tired of the drama. i have lived herer for 16 years, and i seem to always have the same crazy neighbors move next to me, but these new neighbors are the worst. i am begging for prayer to rid of my next door neighbors, and soon, and peacefully, before i end up in jail. I also pray even more for the neighbors who do move in when they are gone, to be respectful, peaceful & together as neighbors should be.

  7. Marita

    27 years and I had mentioned my heart felt feeling and learning to daily let go of problems that weigh me down. Sometimes problems hurt my feelings and to see my children struggle the pain that my spouse gives with his out spoken mind expressions. I do not like the fact that I have to deal with his alcoholic addiction and to be with him with his failed promises of stopping to use and now that my children are all grown and he still uses it, my own thoughts of what am i doing to myself, I know that I am yearning to move on and help myself but tend to help my kids first when my only love of caring and thoughts comes to my mind. It can be very hard, but yeah, I will always try, and try. thats the only thing that moves me forward, besides I have two of my youngest children that keeps me going.

  8. Ana

    why do I day dream about a man I never met or spoken to but I get happy and have a great smile on my face? I think I have a guy in my life but I do believe he is cheating and wasting my time why cant I let go of all the drama and start fresh? should I make a life time change and move out of Chicago?

  9. TINA

    Thank you for this daily view.. You must have known I needed this… I do have to let one issue go in my life.. Thank you for the encouraging words.

  10. trinity

    This is brilliant; a soothing balm for those days, weeks or months when we can’t seem to “get out of it (the negativity, etc.)” Thank you for a deeply spiritual and yet practical method for helping ourselves (and thereby helping others), and remaining in spirit ever more regularly and usefully.

  11. dion

    I’m always relieved everytime I read your advise and readings,i wanna say thanks to Mantra your daily readinds keep me aware and ready to face the day.


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