Meditate to Create Your Reality

Your Thoughts and Actions

We have often heard, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction,” and “The laws of cause and effect are universal.” But let’s consider a new idea that’s emerging: Every thought and action create an entirely new reality on a quantum or metaphysical level. In other words, everything we think becomes a reality somewhere, and everything we do brings entire universes into being in other dimensions. Huh? I know it’s a lot to think about, but what it means for you is that you really do create your own reality, through the thoughts you choose and the actions you take. This also means you never truly arrive at a fork in the road but instead face many roads at every moment. Learning to see and act on this is key. Meditation can help!

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Open-Mind Meditation

Meditation is a means of accessing greater awareness, and it helps you recognize the many branches of destiny that sit before you—at any time. It all must begin with an open mind.

Please be sure to commit to daily practice just as you would any other important activity. A still, calm mind might be the most important aspect of any day. And please connect with passion and excitement for the practice! Here’s how to go about it:

1. Sit in a relaxed but alert way; whatever is comfortable. You can choose a formal posture, or just sit. Try a different position every day until you find at least one that makes you comfortable.
2. Slowly breathe in and count to four as you do so. You may also choose a word to repeat such as “Calm,” “Peace,” or “Love.”
3. When thoughts come into your head, gently bring your focus back to the breath and counting, or word.
4. Finish with a thought of appreciation for something simple and in the moment. A pet or the scene out the window, for example.

And now you have used meditation to get out of your own way! Over time, the grounding benefits will become natural, and anchoring to the grounding breath you will become a new habit. What this does is help you put aside your day-to-day noise and allows for your heart’s desire to come to mind. Those big ideas and deep feelings that repeat are often inner messages telling you what you really want. Your mind also becomes more open, and you will see that the Universe wants to give you what you really want. With an open mind, there are sure to be surprises too. Just accept and flow. There is a choice before you and every new choice is an opportunity to become more empowered and step into a new reality.

Meditation Groups and Partners

Sometimes when practicing meditation, it is wise to find others who meditate—groups or a partner. Sometimes if you have a reading with a psychic who meditates, new insights may come with more ease. Remember, you are getting out of your own way so you can see the greater range of possibilities that always surround you. It sounds like a big job because it is a big job. We can always ask for guidance.

Revisiting Again and Again

Sometimes it will seem as though you face the same thing over and over. It also seems as though the universe will not grant possibilities and things feel limited. This is because you have not learned what is meant for you. We like to speak of karma as “What goes around comes around,” or a kind of universal system of punishment and reward. However, what if you thought of it in another way? What if you thought of karma as learning. What if you contemplate through meditation and ask, “What am I to learn from this or that experience?” And once the answers come, new possibilities will open up as you make space for them.

Meditation and Compassion

After quieting the mind as described in the meditation activity above, sit in stillness, and with a gentle smile ask in your mind, “What am I to learn from this?” The first answers may seem harsh, difficult, and emotional. Ignore them, because the mind’s fears and insecurities will try to trick you! Deeper answers and ideas will follow. Remember if they are harsh, they are of the mind. However, if they are gentle, healing and encouraging, they are of the heart and soul. These lessons do not have to be painful and harsh. You can choose your lessons and the quickest way to do this is simply by practicing compassion. The energy of compassion is probably one of the most inviting energies for a joyful life experience. And who should be at the center of your care and compassion? YOU!

A Compassion Meditation

1. Still and open your mind as outlined in the open-mind meditation.
2. Think of something that is troubling you.
3. Remember, you are not alone. We all suffer.
4. Place your hand over your heart and find kind words to use as if you were speaking to a loved one in the same position, ie, “It’s tough to be hurting,” “It really is terrible that this is happening,” “It will pass, and everything will work out,” and so on. Dwell here for as long as you like.
5. Return to the grounding breath, and give thanks.

Studies show that self-kindness releases comfort hormones, and daily practice will have a cumulative effect over time. So, with an open mind, careful thinking, and natural compassion for self and others, (as well as guidance, life learning, and finding inspiration) you will begin to see more of the possibilities that are offered to you by the Universe, which in itself is infinite!

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3 thoughts on “Meditate to Create Your Reality

  1. Greg

    I’m in a very bad way. My life has completely crumbled underneath me. I’m LOST. I don’t know what I want. I’m becoming depressed and wanting to just give up. I’m tired and life bores me. Nothing excites me anymore. I’ve lost my ambition to live. HELP

    1. Psychic Nicholas

      I am sorry to see you are suffering. Please keep trying to be self kind and please reach out to where there is love and compassion. You are not alone.

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