Mantras for Meditation: July 14 – 20

Mantras for Meditation: July 14 - 20

The Power of Mantras

One of my favorite anthropologists, the late Dr. Margaret Mead, is credited with saying, “Never doubt that a small number of people can change the world. In fact, it is all that has ever been successful at it.” To me, this quote is a response to the times when we feel like we are helpless to make any substantial changes. We may feel like our efforts simply don’t matter in the big scheme of things. And we may even find ourselves thinking that our current situations don’t lend themselves to helping others. If you think along any of those lines, please note that you are deceiving yourself! You DO matter and your efforts are far more powerful than you may realize!

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I experienced a very deep meditation when concentrating on the prayer of St. Francis. I’ve been in deep contemplation, and, with the help of my guides, I bring to you the revelations offered. This week’s mantras for meditation are about the unlimited possibilities within your grasp and how you, personally, can greatly improve the world at large.

July 14

“My life is composed of my own handiwork. I will succeed in making my day fulfilling.”

Your mantras for meditation say that this can be a very rewarding day. The morning may be somewhat hectic, but all that slows down as the evening sun begins to sink into the summer horizon. Your dreams have been telling you to pursue a different path and today is a great day to try some of those new ideas. This can certainly be a wonderful Saturday!

July 15

“I will use my potential energy by creating the movement and direction I most desire.”

The main difference between potential energy and applied energy is primarily kinetic. It is the force of movement that makes our bodies move and our dreams realized. Therefore, this is a great day to get off the couch and do something fun. Opportunities do not often knock on your door. Instead, they wait to see if you are serious about the possibilities. Try to surround yourself with people who cherish you and lift you up. Find your tribe and you will find a greater potential for your journey’s expansion too.

July 16

“I was born perfect. Any flaws I find are speculative and should be removed or cherished, but never shamed!”

When you find yourself picking your own spirit (or body) apart, remember who you really are. You have survived that which you thought previously would kill you. You’ve also managed to thrive and keep pace with your humanity when it was far easier to fold. You’re clearly a hero! Those who have hurt you (or those who have tried) are no longer a part of your world unless you keep them close. Your mantras for meditation say you no longer need the negativity because you have grown beyond that!

July 17

“There are no old roads that will take me in a new direction. I will not fear my future.”

You may notice that you are finally shedding some of the old ways of thinking that have held you back. Therefore, this is a great day for congratulating yourself on the amazing progress you have been making. Soon, you’ll begin to cherish the plans you’re making for your future. Your mantras for meditation say you are proving to yourself every day that you are a worthy and competent director of your life’s journey.

July 18

“What seems impossible today will one day become my warm-up!”

What would you do today if you had no limits of any kind? Well, gentle reader, guess what? You don’t! The only limits you have are the ones you have imposed on yourself. As wonderful as your future is, your present is even better, according to your mantras for meditation. Therefore, don’t forget to apply as much focus on today as you do your future plans.

July 19

“I will go into the noise and I will find silence and peace.”

Your mantras for meditation remind you to take a moment to remember the importance of silence because it’s often easy to overlook the need for solitude and a quiet moment. Sometimes we fill our lives with so much noise that we forget the delight of silence. Therefore, today is the perfect time to give yourself 15 minutes without telephones, television or other distractions. Turning off the noise around you for a mere 15 minutes can do wonders for your spiritual balance.

July 20

“No guts, no glory; no legend, no story. I am creating my future history today!”

You are a powerful human being. There are moments when you may not feel your power, but never doubt that it exists and it is growing within you. Regardless of what you may be facing, you have the power to unlock and unleash your strength of spirit at any time. You ARE the stuff of legends!

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  1. Rita

    I do not think all these so Called psychics have remedy to all our problems because they are Also human beings can they think can everybody think what is Good or bad.i mean psychics are not Gods mouthpiece Who talk on behalf of God.

    1. dmarantz moderator

      Thanks for your comment. I just wanted to let you know that our psychics don’t claim to have all the answers to everyone’s problems and they never claim to be God’s mouthpieces. They aren’t here to tell anyone what to do. Instead, they take a look at people’s challenges and give them insights about where their choices and options might take them. At the end of the day, we all have free will, so we get to make whatever choices we want. Our psychics offer intuitive advice to people who want to know what their futures hold. Our customers love feeling comforted and empowered by their readings. If you aren’t one of those people, feel free to move on. However, we hope you were able to take something positive from this article.

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