Mantras for Meditation: September 8 – 14

Mantras for Meditation: September 8 - 14

The Power of Mantras

Cosmic energy is stirring some of the hidden elements of your spirit and bringing them into the light in this week’s mantras for meditation. You may notice that songs remind you of someone you haven’t seen in a while. You may hear them several times this week. All the omens and portents that are brought forward each day help you expand your future by exploring your past. You’re also coming into a time of fulfillment and closure. You need to close and release several aspects of your personal journey. You will have that opportunity to do so this week. There are many things stirring in these upcoming days that can illuminate your future and help you celebrate your many gifts too!

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The Dark of the Moon

This week opens on the dark of the moon. We don’t often hear about how this part of the moon’s transit impacts us, but we’re going to take a moment and explore this phase of the lunar cycle. The dark of the moon is made up of the few hours directly before the new moon. It’s the midpoint between any visibility of the moon and the complete obscuring of the lunar surface. As the moon begins to pull us toward a new cycle and out of the past, it can have an effect on our emotions and thoughts. Dreams are especially susceptible to the enhancement brought by this time of the moon. Therefore, you should make sure you have a pen and paper near your bed so you can record these dreams. And with that, here are your mantras for meditation.

September  8
“I will no longer reread the worst chapters of my life. I will celebrate my courage and create the rest of the book that only I can write.”

Does closure come when we have all the answers to why things went wrong? The truth is that we have closure when we release, really release, the thoughts connected to our past. If you find yourself saying, “Yeah, but what about…” you have not released that person or that event that is haunting you.

Is someone you love deceiving you? Have your efforts at work gone unnoticed? Do you feel unappreciated for all you do? The answers to these questions (and many more!) can be found when you release the emotions and the thoughts connected. You have that ability! Your mantras for meditation know you have a much better life trying to form around you.

September  9
“If my Plan A doesn’t work, the alphabet still has 25 more letters!

Tonight is the New Moon! This is a great time to put some effort into making your goals come true. Believe in yourself enough to make those goals become a reality. Don’t allow your fears to write this chapter. Instead, allow your courage and your determination to be the fuels of direction.

September  10
“My life is like a camera: I will focus on the good moments and develop my strengths from the negatives. And I can always take another shot!”

Sometimes we get caught in a loop of thinking we must be successful on the first try. But if everything happened on the first effort, no one would ever have a true success story. Ask any “overnight success” and they will tell you that it was the longest “overnight” imaginable. People work for years, sometimes decades, before getting it right.

September  11
“No amount of guilt can change my past and no amount of anxiety can change my future.”

If you find yourself stressing over something from your past or fretting about what will happen in your future, stop it! You’re adding a great deal of stress to your life for no reason at all. Your mantras for meditation remind you that life is much more enjoyable when you let go of thoughts that keep you from your joy.

September  12
“My happiness isn’t based on what I ask for; it’s based on how grateful I am with what I receive.”

Today will be a great day to consider your good fortune and the things and people who make you happy. You may want a different car or a different job, but you can cherish what you have right now. You can certainly make it happen!

September  13
“I’m far too smart to stand in my own way!

When you focus on your goals, never forget that you have the power to achieve them as well as the power to destroy them. Therefore, choose wisely and utilize your powers in a way that will complement your dreams.

September  14
“I can change the world. And I will.”

If you find yourself looking around at the world’s seemingly endless parade of sorrows and lies, remember that you can change the outcome by getting involved. Let yourself meet other passionate people who feel about things as you do. Find your tribe and celebrate each one of them too. You are not alone and you can, and will find the people who are calling you.

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  1. Jao bon chang

    Im in a burden of waiting for my love relation for 6 yrs till now to comeback. She made a promise before she leave last sept. 4 to korea that she will be back this oct. 3 for me.. The burden is that she is strongly in love now with a guy that she accept during those last year of our rocky relationship. Her love for him grows and for me sunk almost to none. But she made a promise swear to god that she will come back for me this coming oct.3. What would i do? Does the power of mantra as leo can switch or reverse her feelings as leo also..


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