Mantras for Meditation: October 28 – November 3

The Power of Mantras

Psychic Denisha covers emergence, old dreams, revitalization, and more in this week’s mantras for meditation. Are you ready to dedicate part of your day to these powerful mantras?

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October 28 (Emergence): “I have the inner power to come out of my shell with beauty and confidence.”

Revelations that make you see yourself or others are here, so stand strong in your heart. Know that your inner strength is what holds your authentic beauty. As a result, it’s time for you to strip away anything (thought, person or fear) that holds you back from your dreams. By emerging from your chrysalis, singing your song, and dancing to your beat, you will find others who dance like you too. They will help you surf the waters of life and offer support to others in your chosen tribe.

October 29 (Revitalization):I care for myself so that I can help others at a later time.”

Now is the time to refuel yourself, your hopes, your dreams, and your own needs. We all need to refresh from time to time. Therefore, it’s okay for you to practice self-care so that you have the strength to help others when the need arises. For now, be sure to recharge your batteries. Take the time to look at where you are feeling drained or run down. Follow the energy of your own body because it has a deeper knowledge of what lies ahead for you.

October 30 (Dreams and Visions):I will allow my dreams, imagination, and visions to show me where I need to go.”

Now is the time to learn to validate your gut feelings about situations that trouble you. See if your intuition is telling you the truth about what your next step should be. Also, pay attention to your dreams—both your daydreams and those you have while sleeping. You are being shown something important right now, so listen to your angels and guides. They are trying to talk to you through visions of both beauty and fear. They are there for your higher good.

October 31 (Simple Pleasures):I will bask in the sunlight and love of those that cherish me.”

Sometimes it’s nice to sit quietly with the one you love and just be with them. There’s no need to talk; just listen to the breath of the person who is present with you. Also, look at their beauty and appreciate that they chose to be with you. They will do the same thing; they will just enjoy your presence. It’s the simplest thing, for you have a grounded presence with the person you love. Listen to the innocence of the children out trick-or-treating and let that be music for your time with your love.

November 1 (Old Dreams):I will reexamine dreams of my youth and see where I can fulfill them today.”

Yes, you are being given a chance right now to look back at ideas you had put on hold or shelved entirely. It’s time to dig up those dreams, visions or ideas and dust them off. The Universe is giving you a second shot at making them come true. So go for it and don’t hold back this time. Now that you have the wisdom you need it’s time to start working on using what your ancestors gave to you.

November 2 (Collective Commitment): “I now step out of my own needs and give where the world needs it most.”

By making yourself available to others and committing to them as you would have them commit to you, you will align yourself with your higher good. You’ll become assured of your success. It will allow you to move forward towards the dreams that you have been planning and see them finally come to fruition. Completion of your dreams will open your heart to your true desires in this lifetime.

November 3 (Ethical Approach): “I will use my sense of fair play in my life.”

When you look at a situation from the perspective of what everyone can gain from it, it leads to clear solutions. Any problem can certainly be sorted out fairly, with all sides winning. It just takes seeing the bigger picture. When someone else is causing the issue, try to get above or outside the problem. See where each solution will lead in the next few weeks or months. When you do this, it helps you solve any problem that blocks your way. It will also open up your mind to new ideas and show you your path.

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