Mantras for Meditation: November 25 – December 1

The Power of Mantras

This week, Psychic Denisha covers self-esteem, creative ambition, resourcefulness, and more in her mantras for meditation. Are you going to use these powerful mantras every day?

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November 25 (Resourcefulness):I can rely on myself and come through for myself.”

Sometimes you have to rescue yourself, and in order to do that, you have to be strong enough for yourself. If you are, no one can take your power away. So take the lead and get done what needs to be done. You’ll stay in control of all issues that arise too. Others may come along and offer help. You can take their help, but don’t let them take over.

November 26 (Delegation): It is okay for me to not do everything.”

In order to keep certain areas of your life moving forward, you’ll need to delegate. At home, you’re only responsible for your half of the job—home, money, and relationships. You may need to talk openly with those you love to remind them of all you do. Just stating what you bring to the relationship will take some of the pressure off. Ask someone else to carry their weight because you can’t (and shouldn’t) do it all. This interaction will help your relationships move forward.

November 27 (Catalyst for Change):I look for the spark that will get my fires going.”

You need to be on the lookout for things that excite you and bring you joy. When you feel a surge of energy, employ it right away. Don’t hold on to it for too long. When you use it immediately, then another wave will come on its heels just as quickly. And you will find that you see your world change for the better because you and your unique energy are put to use correctly. It is your joy, your happiness, and your excitement that keep the spark of wonder glowing brightly for you.

November 28 (Daredevil):I release my comfort zone to make a bold move on my path in this life.”

Step out of your comfort zone because it’s time to give yourself a challenge and do something you have only dreamed of in the past. The world wasn’t discovered by people who sat at home, so go out and find what captures your attention. It could be taking a dance class, or talking to that charming person who has been filling your daydreams. But take a chance. The world won’t bite you. Instead, it will open up and show you the beauty that it holds. It will also show you the strength you have and the beauty within you.

November 29 (Creative Ambition): “I am creative in all that I do.”

Creativity isn’t just about being artistic; it’s a natural force of life. Every day you wake up you are responsible for creating your day. See that you’re in control and know that your actions will bring you the life you want. You will be able to keep negativity out of your sphere of influence. See that every choice you make is part of your power to create a world in which you are proud to live. Be ambitious about your day from the moment you open your eyes, and see the light you shine out for others to see.

November 30 (Self-Esteem): What bolsters your self-esteem today?”

Think about what makes you feel enthusiastic about life right now. When you are in that flow of energy, your self-esteem should shine through. It is the time for you to share your ability to lead others and yourself on a path that is smooth for all of you. It is a time where others may be standing on the sidelines looking for a leader. So take your chance and be the leader you are looking for and others will follow you. But remember that your enthusiasm and self-esteem are both interconnected to one another.

December 1 (Floating): Let the Universe support you right now.”

Break out of emotional limitations and allow your intuition to be the lazy river on which you can float your dreams and goals. When you start to believe you can do anything that you can dream of, then you’ll find lots of creativity in your life. Someone can help to midwife you and your goals. They will be happy to lend a hand in areas they feel strongest or share their knowledge with you. Then you can help them later. This will help you both float in a Universe that loves you and wants to help you.

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