Mantras for Meditation: December 23 – 29

The Power of Mantras

Psychic Denisha covers romance, true cheer, companionship, harmony, and more in this week’s mantras for meditation. Are you ready to dedicate part of your day to these powerful mantras?

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December 23 (Safe Travel): “I have arrived at my destination safely.”

Picture yourself talking with family in the location that all of you are gathering. By doing this in your mind, you connect with the place and the people who will share the holidays with you. It also allows you to manifest the happiness you want to grow this holiday season. Holding this image in your mind will fill the space with love and joy so there will be fewer disruptions in celebrations.

December 24 (Romance): “I bring romance to my life.”

Show the one you love what romance looks like to you. When you give the treatment that you want to receive, it makes it easier for love to fill up your life. You are in charge of asking for what you want when it comes to love. By asking for what you expect, you will be giving clear, concise directions for what you desire. So be the model of love, romance, and sensuality that you want to feel returned to you.

December 25 (Marvelous Gifts): “I am gifted enchanted gifts.”

All the abilities that you hold within yourself are enchanting gifts given to you at birth. When all of your talents as extraordinary gifts, you see a unique energy that fills your soul. You are the only you in this world, and you have the exceptional charisma that is uniquely you. Because you are a spiritual being, you are both an enchanted gift and have a miraculous treasure to be shared with the world.

December 26 (Good Cheer): “Laughter is my best medicine.”

Being of good cheer, laughing, and telling funny stories with family and friends spreads a positive energy around the space you occupy. So take the time to show good humor to others, treat others with a smile, and spread happiness. It’s true that smiles and laughter are kind of like a yawn; when others hear you heartily laughing, they won’t be able to help themselves. They will start to laugh and smile along with you.

December 27 (True Companionship): “I will join my energy to someone who challenges me to be a better person.”

Yes, soulmates are meant to help you transform into a better you. They will do that by challenging you and pushing your limits. Growth is often hard but change is scary and necessary if we want to grow as spiritual beings. Being with someone who, at times, objects to your views of the world is a good thing. It allows you to express your truth and free your mind. Your mantras for meditation say a soulmate who challenges you helps you become a more perfect you.

December 28 (Harmony): “I live in a state of blessed being.”

You have a harmonious life when things transform without you exerting much effort. This state of change happens when the timing is right, and all the elements you need for the shift to occur come together in a balanced manner. You will find that when this happens, it may not be entirely visible to you at first. However, you become aware when you let go and just allow yourself to be present in life.

December 29 (Knowledge): “I am open to receiving and understand all I need to know to make the best choices for me.”

When you open yourself to a higher vibration of guidance, you receive what you need right now. Most of the time, the advice you seek only confirms what you already know to be true. When this happens, it is the Universe telling you that you need to make the next move to get what you need and want right now. You already know you need to make something happen for yourself right now.

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