Mantras for Meditation: December 16 – 22

The Power of Mantras

Psychic Denisha covers grace, joy, glamour, courage, and more in this week’s mantras for meditation. Are you ready to dedicate part of your day to these powerful mantras?

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December 16 (Glamour): “My glamour is the projection of the Divine radiance that I carry in my heart.”

Glamour can be seen as both a projection and a mask. So, allow yourself to shine, and keep your aura filled with confidence and love. Project to the world what the Divine has given you. You are born perfect as you are, but if you change, change to make yourself happy. You transform when you reach out for the dreams or the goals you have set. Now is the time to shine with the beauty of what you envision within your heart. And, let your spirit soar in the light of the Divine that is filling your soul right now.

December 17 (Joy): “I choose to allow an innocent appreciation for life to envelop me today.”

When you think of joy in your life, think of the joy a child has when they get to go outside and play, or when they get that one present they wanted for their birthday or Christmas. Carry that feeling in your heart all day. Don’t let go of that feeling at any time. When you take that emotion into your soul, life starts to look brighter. People will smile at you, because you are looking delighted with the day. Be young at heart, and you will find that you attract others who want to share their inner happiness with you.

December 18 (Courage): “I am my hero.”

Picture yourself dressed as the bravest person you know. Or envision yourself robed as a knight with his shield and sword in hand. You are in the arraignment of a hero. When you imagine yourself in this garb, then you will have the strength of spirit to be brave. You will have the courage to stand up for what is right and just, and what resonates with your own higher self. Your mantras for meditation encourage you to dress in your courage and be the hero you need right now.

December 19 (Best Possible Decision): “I will make the best possible decision for right now.”

Sometimes you need to trust that the Universe will give you the right path to walk. But for right now, let go of the outcome you are looking for. Trust that the choice you are being asked to make is the best one for you at this moment. When you conceive one elective at a time, you control more of the path. And you save time because you are taking the route forward one step at a time, so there is no need to go back and correct anything. Just ask the Divine to help you make the best choice for yourself right now. This exact moment is where you are living, so choose now. It will follow the flow of your journey with no stutters along the way.

December 20 (Inspiration): “I feel inspiration flowing from my higher self and the Divine when I need it most.”

Say this aloud anytime you feel that the muse isn’t talking to you. Just close your eyes and say this in your heart. You will find that by holding this thought in your heart and your mind, the Divine inspiration you have been seeking opens to you. It will just begin to whisper, but that is okay. It is that small voice that leads to changing the world tomorrow. But your creativity is always there. Sometimes you just need to remind yourself to open your heart and listen to your higher guides.

December 21 (Grace): “With Divine inspired grace, I can walk away from those who cause me pain.”

Grace is about being able to bear something without making a fuss about it. You aren’t saying that it is okay, but you don’t let others know that they are hurting you. You just walk away with your head held high, your chin up and your shoulders back. Your weekly mantras for meditation want you to move forward with pride and know that others are looking at your remarkable strength and they are cheering you on silently. Keep your eyes ahead and don’t look back over your shoulder. By being graceful in your movements, it will help others see your inner strength, and that is something that they can’t control or judge.

December 22 (Sensuality): “I will engage all my senses today.”

Sensuality is about indulging all your senses when you are feeling love and feeling loved. So, enjoy the smell of love, the taste of happiness, and the feeling of the silent communication of a knowing smile. Peer in the windows of the soul, and hear the air move through the atmosphere as you breathe in during the exotic moments that exist when you are at peace with the world. When you engage all the senses, it is a very moving moment. So enjoy yourself and don’t allow your analytically mind to override the emotional side of this moment.

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