Make The Law of Gratitude Work for You

Focus on the Good to Get More of It

With Thanksgiving near, it’s a great time to be consciously aware of the good you already have in your life. I know that can be hard, especially when the bad days and the stress they cause seem to outnumber the good days. It’s human nature to focus on what we don’t have, but I’d like to show you how to change that and make your life better.

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Do you often focus on what you don’t have, whether it’s the luxury car you don’t drive, the dream relationship that seems out of your reach, or the next big career move that feels like it will never come? You may think, “When I have this thing or when this person changes, THEN I’ll be happy and grateful.”

The Law of Gratitude

There is a powerful force in the universe called The Law of Gratitude. It means that if you appreciate what you already have right now, more and more good things will come your way. Energy flows where attention goes!

Have you ever noticed that a mildly-annoying situation becomes a full-blown frustration in no time at all? That happens because you keep giving attention to it and so it snowballs.

“Sally” Was Dwelling on the Negative

For four months now I’ve been working with “Sally.” When she first called, her marriage of over 20 years was on the rocks, her teenagers were out of control and her job was giving her sleepless nights. All this unwanted stress helped her put on 15 pounds even though her eating habits had not changed. It was hard for her not to dwell on all this negativity, so it felt nearly impossible to shift her focus. But she did with my help.

“Sally” Worked With The Law of Gratitude

“Sally” began to work with The Law of Gratitude after I introduced it to her. Although her marriage was rocky, she was still grateful for her husband, so she started to send him texts to let him know she was thinking about him and she appreciated all he did for their family. Immediately her husband began to draw closer to her and they rekindled their love. “Sally” started sharing with her children all she appreciated about them and they started making changes too. They became more positive, they laughed more and their grades improved.

“Sally” also showed appreciation for her job. As small as her paycheck was, she showed gratitude for it because it paid her electric bill. She actually got a new and better job after her friend put in a good word for her. When “Sally” started to appreciate her body for what it was, she started to lose the extra weight. In just a few short months, everything in her life changed for the better. Using The Law of Gratitude, “Sally” changed the way she looked at things and things changed for the better.

Mindful Gratitude

When you work at becoming consciously aware of what you have now, the universe and all its divinity will heap an abundance of blessings on you. But you must connect with your good by being mindful. It is the act of mindful gratitude that moves the energy in your favor.

Take Note of What You Already Have

No matter how bad your life is at the moment, there is always something to be grateful for, and I want you to make a list of five things every day. You could start a gratitude journal to keep track of your five things and the five things you choose could be anything, from the great cup of coffee you had this morning to just being alive. I make it a habit to say “Thank you” every morning before my feet hit the floor! If you decide to keep a journal, I suggest you write in it every night before bed. This puts your subconscious mind to work on your behalf while you sleep.

Doors will open up for you if you use The Law of Gratitude. I promise that you will be just like “Sally” and experience positive change in every area of your life.

In Love & Light,

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14 thoughts on “Make The Law of Gratitude Work for You

  1. Adrianna

    This article rocks! You are so right about the law of gratitude and I love your technique for listing 5 things a day before we get out of bed. Gonna remember that.

  2. Tenley ext 5602

    Dear LaDonna
    Thank you so much ! At times I forget to “Get my grateful on” LOL I find the more I do, the truth you speak, speaks back !
    Thank you
    Tenley Ext 5602

  3. Manuela

    Thank you! This is very encouraging. Great message. Made me have a great awakening to how I should be more greatful with what I have. I will start my journal right away. Thank you.

    1. Ladonna 6460

      awesome! Please let me know the difference you experience in your life. You’re going to be truly amazed!

  4. Judy

    Gratitude is very important. First thing in the am i give thanks for all that i have. I am surfice and content my blessings continue to flow.

  5. Dinah Fox

    Hello, I just started to use this Law of Gratitude today, I had never read the info on my horoscope
    until this late. I had and experience today, rather than continue on with the problem, I just said to myself that I would let it go , and I find my mind and body just had a CALM feeling , I felt a little de-stressed, by just forgetting the problem that I had , if I had not done that ,it could have blown into a situation that I may had to call in for reinforcements. and from now on I will use this Law of Gratitude, it also cut down on the stress that I put myself thru on a daily basis.

    1. Ladonna 6460

      And that’s exactly how you do it! Great job :). Keep it up and watch what amazing things will begin to show up in your life

  6. Cynthia lawrence

    Just reading this encourage me to do more better into not look at the negative but to be grateful for the positive.


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