How Positive Thinking Can Truly Change Your Life

positive thinking

We often hear about the supposed power of positive thinking from various sources: mindset trends that show up on TV, in our Facebook newsfeeds and in new books released by holistic practitioners and lifestyle coaches alike. Yet, a number of people tend to overlook, or all together brush-off, this popular jargon if it doesn’t seem to relate to their own lives at the moment.

The power of positive thinking, however, goes beyond a fake-it-til-you-make-it approach to life—in fact, if used correctly, making over your thoughts can change your entire outlook for the better. Here’s how to manifest a move toward positivity.

1. Pay attention to your inner monologue.
Start with some emotional awareness and really begin to pay attention to how you talk to yourself. Are you always saying how you wished you could get up an hour earlier and be more productive? Do you stare at your body in the mirror wishing it looked different?

When these thoughts crop up, first you must notice them and acknowledge them for what they are. Then, instead of continuing to say negative things about your choices or body, rephrase these thoughts by sharing something you do love about your body, your life, your job, etc. Start with the things you tend to get down on yourself the most about (when you are your own worst enemy), and constantly rephrase whatever you’re telling yourself about those aspects of yourself or your life.

If you can do this regularly, your inner critic will be forced out of a job and out of your head, and you’ll be filling that space with more positive thoughts.

2. Turn positive talk into a habit.
If you will do the work to notice your thoughts and work to change how you talk to yourself, and about yourself, you’ll soon form a lasting habit. This will not only make you feel better about yourself and the various situations that come up in your life, but it will also allow you to send good messages out into the Universe.

In this way, you’ll not only form a habit but a ritual of positivity. As a psychic, I will tell you this is incredibly powerful work to do for yourself, because your guides and Spirit will reward you for the work you are doing inside of your own life. Like attracts like, so if you’re being positive you’ll attract more of that positivity.

3. Consider the alternative.
Yes, there are people who genuinely believe that being positive all of the time is a dangerous practice. They think that it makes your life or viewpoint unrealistic. But what’s the other option?

If you have to choose between seeing the beauty in all situations and focusing on the negative, try to choose the former—choose happiness. Because there are plenty of things in life that constantly test our ability to be happy. You certainly don’t need to add fuel to that wildfire.
Happiness and positive thinking are choices we can make to bring ourselves closer to the spiritual realm and, likewise, to bring the positivity of the other side into our own lives.

I challenge you to try this practice and see how it changes your mindset. If you already practice positive thinking, please share how doing so has changed your life in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “How Positive Thinking Can Truly Change Your Life

  1. mary abia

    Positivity is mindset is very important as the best approach to change every negative thing we see around our life,we speak the things we want for our life e.g happiness,e.g i have been speaking positivity on my facial beauty and today my beauty is restored even my neighbors are making good comment about me am grateful to God.

  2. Deborah

    I need miracles in my life. There is a very toxic person in my life, to say the very least. I cannot go into detail, except to repeat that I need miracles in my life.

  3. Seren ext. 5445Seren, Ext 5445

    “Yes, there are people who genuinely believe that being positive all of the time is a dangerous practice. They think that it makes your life or viewpoint unrealistic. But what’s the other option?

    If you have to choose between seeing the beauty in all situations and focusing on the negative, try to choose the former—choose happiness.”

    You are so dead on with this advice, Marin! Cultivating an attitude of positivity does not equate with being unrealistic; it simply means that we see the reality with which we are being presented and choose to look for the blessings within.

    Fantastic article!!

  4. Bea

    I totally agree with that concept. I just experienced not to long ago, my doctor
    told me. I sound angry as. I was trying to
    explain to her about discontinuing a medication that have been taken for yrs.
    And she only seen me twice. But she was
    the one with the negative attitude. I was in a very postive mindset until she push my button then. I got on the offensive or should I say my mindset went to the left.
    But afterwards she ended up apologizing
    to me cause realize that she brought the negative energy with her into the room. Now thats real talk. I’m having a great day.

  5. Darlene

    Setting my mind into positive thoughts really made a big difference not only in my life but also to the people around me. It makes you jump out of bed and feeling so excited to start a new day.:)

  6. lowe

    im wanting to give back im wanting to rite a wrong thay i have done, i tried once without sussess but then when asked out rite i let fesr take over and didnot take theopprotunity to be my best, and now im affraid its toolate, i have prayed and walked and gotten to my self to look for a second chance at my second chance, i dont even no were im going to lay my head, im presently nursing a cup of coffee for the third hour just to be in doors, but my main consern is my father he is going to the doctors tommorrow and im affraid he hasnt bentruthfull with wat is going on i cant think of life without the wisdom of my father, he has told me to approach these concerns and be strong in my delivery and not to fear the outcome,,but to bare my transgressions is to be vonerable to the elements that be and that will be worse then homeless,that wilo be shamefull to compound all else…wat should i do?

  7. Yvette

    Hello I am trying my best everyday to come out of these thoughts of being negative and at this time I am dealing with a health issue but I said to my self I will love it in gods hands and let him guide me .. He is my leader and I don’t want to fail him .. I am getting better as the days pass ..

  8. lowe

    life hasthrown me a few curves but it has thrown me many great thoughts and memorys, i want to be better thru doing better. i have great friends just not as many as i wish for, i read my scope everyday and im trying to pattern my life after others with posotive outlooks who have gottn results and swear by prayer, i pray, i just dont think ive ben doin it all wrong, my friends are scared of me, my family doesnt understand me and im second guessing myself and not being the best me i can, i dont know if this goes in a log,file or nowere at all but it feels o.k to just get it off my chest, please if anything can be noted i would like help with my thougjts n prayers… thnk u
    and let mine be a lessons to others who havent fell this far this fast dont take things for granted live in the mo.ent as well as to prepare for a future….

  9. Winsome

    I have recently started practicing positive thinking and I’m seeing the benefits. I have become more tolerant and understanding of people. Certain things don’t bother me as much as they used to and I’ve been able to let go of some fears and let spirit lead me.


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