Mind, Body & Spirit: The Five Benefits of Human Touch

Human Touch is Powerful

There is nothing that compares to the feeling of holding hands, a soft cheek against your own or the power of a warm embrace. Human touch is extremely important to our mental, physical and spiritual well-being as it offers us the opportunity to feel love, care, affection, warmth, kindness and compassion from others. Not many of us know this, but our skin is our largest organ and it is very responsive and sensitive.

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Human touch can offer us reassurance when we feel lost and confused and it can be healing when we are experiencing mental or physical pain. The touch between humans is something so powerful and it can help in a variety of situations. Discussed below are five major benefits of human touch. What has human touch done for you?

Reassures and Comforts

The need for human touch does not fade as we grow older. Babies and the elderly appreciate human touch, as does everyone in between these age groups. By simply holding someone’s hand or cuddling, you can give the gift of love and nurturing. People who are given cuddles, hugs and kisses on a regular basis feel reassured and comfortable. They tend to be more at ease and feel as though things will be okay.

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Aids in Relaxation and Stress Relief

Human touch relaxes us and relieves stress. Anyone who has ever had a massage knows this. If you’ve had a hard day at work, asking your partner to rub your shoulders will make you feel better. You can literally feel the stress and tension melting away.

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Builds Confidence

When someone touches you in an affectionate way, it makes you feel good about yourself. A pat on the back for a job well done lets you know that someone’s proud of you. A lover’s embrace means someone finds you attractive. Human touch builds confidence.

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Shows Love

Some people are not good at expressing how they feel about someone. They can’t say they love them, but they use human touch to show them. Whether it’s holding hands, kissing or making love, human touch is a way to physically express love without having to talk about it.

Promotes Healing

Human touch promotes healing. It increases the number of immune cells in the body which promotes the healing of various physical and mental ailments. Human touch also improves behavior.

Human touch is something that everyone needs. It has phenomenal healing properties and can deeply affect an individual’s experience of life in a positive way. When in doubt, reach out and touch someone you love.

17 thoughts on “Mind, Body & Spirit: The Five Benefits of Human Touch

  1. Carvel lee

    It is so sad that my boyfriend of 24 years just don’t know how to touch . It often disturb me that I long for that touch that sence of belonging it sure is missing in our relatetionship . I thought I was crazy thinking and missing that touch , but your article has made me relize that am not nuts. Yes am really missout on love true love.

  2. Marion

    This article caught my attention right away.I love the touch of a person. weather it is a hand on your hand,or a person hugging you ,A kiss on the cheek, the touch of a person is like having a warm and fuzzy feeling run through you…

  3. Marc from the UK

    I believe human touch is the next best thing after, the eyes, you can judge someone by how they look at people, and you can judge them also by touch, as touch is the gateway to sincerity !

  4. Deborah

    THANKS for this article on HUMAN TOUCH! I am a REFLEXOLOGIST and yesterday I offered three one hour foot rubs to clients, two with various health ailments (diabetes/high blood pressure/ prostate gland issues) and one with EMOTIONAL ISSUES re: a close relative who is terminal, etc…all clients felt and observed SUCH IMMENSE RELAXATION as WELL AS INCREASED STRENGTH AND ENERGY, with the acceptance that DETOXING was going on in all of their body cells as well. YES! THE HUMAN TOUCH IS HEALING, RESTORATION, REVITALIZATION AND REJUVENATION ….ALL IN ONE. THANKS FOR YOUR ARTICLE! IT IS WELL RECEIVED.

  5. surya

    yes you are 100% correct. when wife shake hand and greet good day to husband,children hug their parents to show happy day,relation show touch to their earlders,friends hug each other gives so cheering on the day ,no wards to it.

  6. Major Basir

    I totally agree with you. Hand holding and hugging with a loved one is always soothing and relaxing effect. It improves immunity as good as great moral support. I have experienced it in crisis conditions.

  7. Earlee Mazyck

    I was raise in a house-whold that we hug, each other plus on my job I made it a point to hug everyone that came to my clinic,Did not miss one patient at all but that what you call ,good old fashion home training,

  8. Evelyn

    touching is the most wonderful thing all our texting,facebook etc doesn’t do it
    thats why we hug when we meet watch them on the view hugs hello

    even my persian cat has his moods at times he wants to be picked up and hugged touching
    the best every a.m. i get up and my honey gets up we have a little kiss good morning
    and touch each other

  9. Barbara Crandall

    You are so right on in your article about the human touch. I was so lucky to have parents who knew how to hug and hand-hold. And, now after 45 years of marriage and 45 plus years of being with my special guy who also knows about hugs, caresses and hand-holding, well… it just makes you feel that everything will be okay.

  10. Irma

    Thank you so much for sharing your expertise’ with me. I do agree with everything that you have said. Isn’t it wonderful to be reminded again and again. Thank you very much. Irma.

  11. Julie

    I just wanted to say that I agree with you totally about everything that you said about the human touch but sometimes a person wants to hear the words not just go through the motions. And sometimes a person gets tired of making love because too much is too much. Too much of anything is no good. I mean it feels like he just wants me around for sex and that gets tiresome, and I know in my heart that he does not respect me so I have no other choice but to go my own way and find someone who does. Enough is Enough!

  12. Chrissi

    there are some people who dislike being touched – physically at least and I find any touch on my back painful – how to the people who dislike being touched find these things?

  13. Karen Engh

    I liked this article. I think it is very important to touch as well. I feel like I have a hard time expressing love and end up expressing negative emotions as a defense.

    Thank you!

  14. Clindy Carpenter

    I agree with everything you said. I also know that hugs are contagious. Every one need a hug and a pleasant word said to them. Can’t get enough I Love You either.


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