Embrace Your Inner Rebel

Where is your brilliance most likely to shine? In relationships? Creativity? Spirituality? Intriguingly, it’s in the same part of your life where you’re most likely to rebel against authority. It’s all about where Uranus resides in your chart because this is is the planet of innovation, change, enlightenment, and eccentricity. It strengthens your individuality by giving you the courage to be unique. That’s why rebelliousness/instability and originality/brilliance are often tied together.

So with your chart in hand, look to see which house contains Uranus. Then read the pertinent house below to discover your own inner rebel — and activate your inner genius.

1st House (appearance, first impression): You’re a mover and a shaker, able to initiate change, either to right the wrongs of society or to rattle the people around you. You’re precocious, unconventional, and demand an unusual amount of freedom. If you can channel this electricfying energy into innovation, technology, science, or humanitarian pursuits, you’ll make the world a better place.

2nd House (earning power, values): Not overly practical, you have the ability to make money with unconventional projects, in unusual ways. Although you may have extreme swings in fortune, a financial door is always open to you, as long as you value your unique talents and don’t go along with everyone else. You also value non-material things, like concepts and projects that awaken your mind.

3rd House (mental aptitude): You’re the brilliant idea person, never at a loss for a unique solution. Experiencing all walks of life so you can learn many things will open your mind — and help you access your inner genius. Journaling will empower your self-awareness. You may also be a gifted writer or speaker. Sharing your insights with others will bring fulfillment.

4th House (home, family patterns): Your ability to create an inspirational (if unusual) home environment, where learning, individuality, and altruism are valued, is one of your brilliant gifts. You aren’t the most domestic creature on the planet, so your family will need to respect your desire for freedom. Your ability to perceive and break away from negative childhood patterns will make you truly free.

5th House (romance, creativity, children): Your innovative spirit shines through your creativity. You’re an unconventional artist, perhaps using technology as a vehicle. You may be unusually gifted in working with children as well. In romance, you crave a lover who is unusual in some way. Brainiacs, humanitarians, spiritualists, and scientists — anyone who connects with your mind — will attract you.

6th House (work, health): You have the ability to be an enlightened healer, someone who uses holistic avenues to improve the body, mind, and spirit. You have an intuitive sense about how to help people. This intuitive, unconventional approach can also be seen in your work. Needless to say, working at your own pace, on your own schedule will bring out your brilliance.

7th House (partnerships): You crave experience in your relationships, learning much about yourself (and life) through partnerships, both personal and professional. You also crave freedom, so it’s important that you don’t get tied down too soon. You may have a long-term relationship without marriage, or marry someone involved in technology, science, teaching, metaphysics, or other intellectual pursuits.

8th House (sex, transformation, other people’s resources): You have a broad-minded attitude toward sex, whether or not you explore different avenues in that area. A spiritual-intellectual connection to your partner turns you on. Tantric sexual practices or meditating together can strengthen your tie and help heal relationship issues. In finances, innovative investments/investors may prove profitable, as long as they’re reliable.

9th House (spiritual beliefs, higher education, foreign cultures): You’re an explorer, either physically through travel or intellectually through education. With your love of learning, you can be a gifted teacher. But you’re just as much a spiritual explorer (more metaphysical than religious), which can make you an inspired philosopher or minister. Connecting with foreign cultures will hasten your path toward enlightenment as well.

10th House (career, reputation): You crave the freedom to utilize your diverse abilities. As such, you’ll most likely have several careers during your lifetime. Work that involves technology, psychology, art, philanthropy, spirituality, or an unconventional business will bring out your inner genius. Being self-employed would be best, unless you work for a company that allows you a great deal of freedom.

11th House (friends, aspirations): You’re the humanitarian, seeking to create a utopian society. You have a talent for working within a group for the good of the whole. At the very least, you need friends around you who inspire you, both intellectually and spiritually. Even the outcasts of society interest you. Getting involved in a community project that helps those less fortunate can bring satisfaction.

12th House (unconscious, the past): Enlightenment through self-awareness is one of your strongest gifts. You have an unusual ability to tap into your unconscious, which offers insights about your past and deepens your psychic ability. Meditation, dream analysis, and therapy will accelerate your inner awareness. The study of past lives can bring emotional healing and intuitive insights as well.

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