Cold Busters

For many, Winter can be a dark time. Not just because the sun sets at an earlier hour, but long hours in doors can start to affect your mood – and not for the better! Be proactive and beat those Winter Blues! If the chill in the air is cutting through to your heart, take these five tips for improving your outlook.

Lend a hand
There’s no better way to warm your heart than to help someone else. Use the winter as a chance to kick off your own personal philanthropy program. Think about how you can use your interests and talents to benefits others. If you like to read books, volunteer to read at your local library. Good at sports? Offer to coach a sportsteam. A whiz at computers? Sign up to teach basic computer skills at a local senior center.

The winter holidays offer even more chances to give back. Organize a coat drive or collect canned goods for a local food bank. Volunteer to serve Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter. Gather a group to sing Christmas carols to hospital patients or nursing room residents.

Go on a Date
As the activities of summer taper off, winter is the perfect time to give someone new a chance. Your coworker’s cousin Larry might not be that bad. But you’ll never know unless you give him a shot.

If none of your friends has someone in mind for you, make it your own mission to find a date. Make a pact with yourself to ask someone out at least once a month. You may not find the man of your dreams, but you’ll be proud of yourself for making an effort to stay in the social scene.


Write a letter
There’s something so heartwarming about opening your mailbox on a cold day and finding a note or card from a loved one. But you don’t have to sit by the mailbox waiting for a letter to get the warm fuzzies – you can get the same feeling by sending something to someone you love!

Sure, you tell your partner every day how much you love him. But there’s a special magic about seeing the words on paper. Write down your deepest feelings, or simply make a list of the things you appreciate about him most. If you’re stuck, think of a special time the two of you shared and tell it to him like a story he’s never heard.

Even if you don’t have a special someone to send a love letter to, you can still make someone’s day. Send a card to your grandma or your niece, just to let them know you care. Write a note to your best girlfriend telling her how much you appreciate her friendship.


Read a good book
When it’s cold outside, warm up your insides by curling up on the couch with your favorite blanket and a good book. When life is busy, it’s sometimes easy to neglect certain aspects of spirits. Reading a touching story can open your mind to new ways of thinking and unlock emotions you’ve long forgotten.

Make a meal
Winter is the perfect time to bring friends and family together for a home-cooked meal. But you don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving to fire the oven up. Set a regular schedule to have weekly potluck dinners with your favorite people. A room full of laughter (and full bellies!) will surely warm your heart.

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