The Best New Year Rituals for 2022

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Leaving it Behind

Congratulations. If you’re reading this, you survived the last two years of an overwhelming nightmare. The pandemic brought terrible stress, depression, pain, sickness, anxiety, and increased violence in society. 2020 and 2021 were hideously awful, and no one wants to bring that baggage into 2022.

Some losses were greater than others. If some of your loved ones passed away, know that they are free of pain and joyously living their bliss in Heaven. They are now your guardian angels. They are not gone, they are only transformed, and they are just a thought away.

Healing Rituals for You

Know that there’s a reason you are still here. You deserve to come into the new year with fresh energy, renewed courage, and hope reborn. Let yourself emerge from crisis into a better life as a great gift to yourself. Let us help you do this with some helpful and healing rituals to reset the year.


One of the most powerful things you can do as a reset ritual is to meditate to connect with Spirit and your guardian angels. Invite them into your life. Talk to them, then listen for their answers. They will speak to you only in loving ways. You might feel like you’re making it up at first but ask Spirit to give you the gift of discernment, so you recognize what is right and true and who is speaking to you. Be sure to ask them to help you let go of the bad so you can embrace the good that is coming to you.

If you wish to use some tools to help you in your meditation, try lighting a white candle to represent the purity of the clean, untouched, precious new year before you. Burn some sage to cleanse the energy around you and raise higher positive vibrations. Include a Clear Quartz crystal, for it is the Master Healer and Master Manifester. Instead of making resolutions, why not focus on what you most want by breathing your intentions and desires into this beautiful gemstone so it can hold your hopes and help you magnetize them into your life?

Universal Order Form

Another strong reset ritual is to write your Universal Order Form. Tell the Universe what you most want in every area of your life, be it love, health, work, or anything else. Be as specific as you please. When you’ve completed your list of desires, hopes, and intentions, take a moment to visualize yourself receiving all the good stuff you wrote about. See and feel it as though it is already yours. Then at the end of your list, write, “Universe, this or something better.”

You do this so you can allow the Universe to fill in what you cannot now see, and to bring you your highest and best good.

Reach Out to Others

Try the reset of finding and giving support. In this way, you can recommit your devotion to your higher purpose in life, listen to your spiritual inner beacon, and seek ways to buoy up yourself and those around you with love and hope. This helps you and others heal and overcome the effects of isolation and trauma.

Take Out the (Metaphorical) Trash

Another effective ritual to reset yourself is to release clutter, be it physical or emotional. In this way, you can literally and symbolically remove that which no longer serves you. While you are taking out the trash 2020 and 2021 dumped on your doorstep, you can also remove awful people from your life who are abusers, users, and takers. It doesn’t matter if they are family members or so-called friends. Anyone who deliberately hurts you must go. Then invite in the kind of people you want to be with you going forward. Know that good people need you and are calling your energy to them as well, even if they don’t yet know you.

Cleansing Bath

Use the healing reset of taking a long, warm, soothing soak in the bathtub. You can use Epsom salt or sea salt to help release stress and tension. You might want to add essential oils in your favorite scents for the benefits of aromatherapy. As you let yourself relax in the cleansing water, imagine all the pain, trauma, heartbreak, and awfulness of the past two years washing away. Then feel yourself fill up with visualizing everything you do want in your life and feel certain that the loving Universe wants to give you every wondrous blessing there is. When you are finished, practice letting go by watching the water that contains everything you want to go from your life flow down the drain, never to return.

Commit to Love

Reset by making this year the Year of Love. Start by welcoming love into your life. Commit to loving yourself by giving yourself extreme self-care and self-nurturing. Then give all the love you can to others. Let us release the pain, hurt, and ghastly things we’ve been through by turning forward and focusing on the gifts these years gave us, beginning with the blessing that we are alive.

There’s Goodness Ahead

2022 will make all of this reset work easy and rewarding because it is a 6 year (2+0+2+2 = 6) and this year is all about love, harmony, healing, balance, and grace, along with every other good thing. The Universe is abundant and will give you what you ask for. You only need to believe, accept, and receive it.

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