Are You an Old Soul?

Soul Levels is a somewhat controversial topic amongst psychics uncomfortable with an expression that implies some sort of spiritual hierarchy. Rightly so, but what does the term really mean?

We’ve all heard someone refer to a person, often a young person or a child as an “Old Soul.” As if they have the energy of a paradoxically much older person than they appear to be in their current incarnation. Well, a so called Old Soul is an example of a “Soul Level” or even Soul Age. Some describe the basic soul levels as Infant, Baby, Young, Mature and Old. These categories come from ancient Hindu ideas of Karma and Astral Planes. Spiritual Advisors today are a bit less rigid in their interpretations though.

For example, Leo ext. 5265 explains that a soul level is the inner place inside of ourselves that influences who we are, how we think, our mindset and also influences us and how we allow other people to influence us. Almost like another person inside of ourselves that combines who we were in past lives with our current self.

As far as how many levels there varies from person to person depending on how many past lives the individual has had. Obviously a person we call an Old Soul has had many past lives and soul levels. And within those levels, you have unlimited sublevels depending on that person’s current and past lifetime experience.

Leo says that gauging your own soul level is all revealed in what makes you tick. What makes you happy, sad, excited, mad? Think about why certain things or types of people influence you more than others. When I am consulting on the phone for example, I’ll tell the caller to start researching within themselves who they are. To think about their history, what type of people are they are drawn to and who do they attract and why? A very giving person may draw people who like to take advantage or be enabled. And their lesson may be learning how to set boundaries.

The answer will be a huge clue as to where you are spiritually.

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